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I'm an author and keynote speaker. My books are about finding meaning in life, inner peace and mindfulness, but in a secular way. Free from faith in religion and supernatural beliefs.

I’ve studied the subject for the last twenty years. My personal search started in 1993. I set out on a three-year journey around the world to search for answers.On this trip, my aim was to study the mind from a scientific and experiential point of view. I also studied the world’s religions and secular philosophies, often in the very places where they originated.

I spent almost two years trying different meditation techniques—Christian, Buddhist and Hindu. I have maintained my practice of Vipassana meditation for about twenty years now. I have taken part in and helped facilitate nearly twenty 10-day meditation courses and one 20-day course with S.N. Goenka’s international Vipassana meditation organization. Vipassana is a secular, non-religious form of meditation.

Taking into account meditation, critical thinking, neuroscience, and the innate functions and abilities of the unconscious mind, I came to several conclusions that I share in my books. I sincerely hope that you’ll find this information useful.
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