December 2021 (17), June 2021 (14), Jan 2021 (10), kindle (9), Feb 2021 (9), October 2021 (8), November 2021 (8), April 2021 (7), July 2021 (7), May 2021 (6), September 2021 (6), Mar 2021 (5), August 2021 (4), library - very enjoyable but not very memorable (1), library book. last of Paddy Meehan series. Enjoyed the characters but plot / denouement totally unbelievable - surprising from such a good and intelligent writer. (1), Kindle. good (1), set in Finland. should try the next one in the series Mario Kallio Book 8 (1), Kindle. Re read because Naomi had found it on my kindle account and said she'd enjoyed it. (1), 14 days loan (1), for next Saturday Slaughters. Not sure - readable but hard to keep up with plot turn / characters... Should try it again before loan is up?? not sure I'm interested enough (1), rather uncomfortable but very immersive and convincing. Kindle (1), he writes well but casual anti-semitism and chauvinism is shocking (1), kindle - excellent - encouraged me to try some more of the series (1), kindle - an excellent classic one about going up against the FBI (1), bought this amazon paperback - excellent so bought it for Naomi too. A bit like Harry potter (1), quite German (1), second hand paperback (1), a long read - Yes minister based on this - interesting as I just remember those days (late 60s) (1), 2nd hand bookshop Oxfam Richmond. enjoyable to reread but bit too much misdirection in middle part (1), kindle - very good. a long read (1), need to skim sometimes (1), Kindle for Orkney library Saturday Slaughters book group. Book a bit slow but enjoyed it as a prequel explaining Erlendur's early police career. (1), weird (1), library book (1), some a bit less interesting (1), Libby (1), grammar (1), Kindle 2 Jan 19 Excellent (1), paperback 3 Jan 19 (1), second hand paperback (Amazon) (1), Kirkwall library - good story but poorly edited / typos (1), punctuation etc. Lots of creative invention from grandfather's war diary (1), hardback birthday present from Reni (1), kirkwall library - excellent (1), kindle - excellent (1), hardback birthday present from Mark Ria Callum - very good (1), kindle - didn't enjoy (1), paperback Christmas present from James - some chapters excellent (1), kirkwall library - good (1), kindle. not enjoyable or convincing... she tried to do something too complex (1), Kirkwall library sale hardback (1), second hand book sale (1), Salt paperback - don't really enjoy this author (1), kindle. excellent and memorable in atmosphere - good imaginative recreation of the bronte siblings (1), kindle. v readable but don't remember ir afterwards! (1), kindle. excellent. (1), kindle. good (1), kindle - good and useful to see how to combine letters with narrative (1), kindle - ok but not great (1), kindle - re reading it (1), perhaps the best of the series. v enjoyable (1), Hurricane book club. atmospheric and memorable - will re read this. maybe should be 4 star?? Interesting to see how the combination of real historic documents (1), 3rd person narrative and 1st person experience of main character are combined in turn to give variety and conviction (1), unpack conflicting attitudes to race in south. amazing that her re write To kill a mocking bird was so good. Illustrative of the help a good editor can be! (1)
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Jan 6, 2019