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Fiction, historical fiction, travel, nature, psychology, mystery, suspense, crime, business/HR, autism/mental health, arts/theater.
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I’ve been obsessed with all things bookish since before that was a word. I collect pretty books, mini books and read fiction, psychology/social science, mystery, historical-fiction, biographies, nature books, and career books. I have a degree in Anthropology and Sociology but spent over 20 years in Human Resources. I also look for any book with a University of Michigan connection. Go Blue! I’m a proud mom of one terrific son with Autism. He’s smarter than me, and probably you, and keeps me busy, happy and never without a dull moment! His vocal gift to the world also makes me a theater/stage mom, and now apparently theater actor myself. Who knew you could discover a new talent in your 40’s?
Ann Arbor, MI
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