ncs (1,572)
ISBNnf (62), management plan (4), park (4), reserve (4), WHI95 wetlands salinity South East of S.A. swamp irrigation (3), SOU09 management plan park reserve South East of S.A. (1), SOU07(2) management South East marine coast river (1), SOU90(1) management plan South East of S.A. lake recreation water (1), SOU03(1) management plan park reserve South East of S.A. (1), SOU07 (1) management plan reserve park south east of S.A. (1), SOU99(1) park reserve management plan South East of S.A. (1), MIL12 monitoring Kangaroo Island vegetation scrub (1), SOU06(1) park reserve management plan South East of S.A. (1), SMY72 reserve park survey South East of S.A. vegetation (1), SLA02 vegetation Mid North of S.A. threatened endangered reserve (1), SAT06 wilderness review reserve protection study (1), SOU03(2) park reserve management plan South East of s.A. (1), SOU04 management plan park reserve South East of S.A. (1), SOU06(2) management plan reserve park south east of S.A. (1), SAG09(1) resources S.A. Govt plan management (1), SOU05(1) management plan park reserve South East of S.A. (1), SOU06(3) management plan park reserve South East of S.A. (1), THI08 bush govt vegetation (1), CAI12(2) South Australia management plan resources environment govt (1), DEB12 road reserve conservation (1), MAH12(1) monitoring scrub vegetation River Murray (1), MUR09(2) Murray Darling management plan Govt Federal (1), MUR09(1) River Murray plan (1), HAR08 St Vincent Gulf marine sea (1), OCO14 Murray Darling vegetation survey monitor bushland (1), MAH12(2) woodland monitoring scrub Yorke Peninsula (1), CAI11 park reserve management plan Far West of S.A. (1), SAG06 govt endangered conservation S.A. govt threatened (1), CRO06 coast vegetation Mt Lofty Ranges grass (1), WAG93 fish river water swamp Australia (1), BOU98 Far North of S.A. park reserve survey arid lands desert (1), MUR11(2) Murray Mallee park reserve management plan (1), SOU11 South East park reserve management plan (1), MUR11(1) Murray River park reserve management plan (1), WAT10 water Mt Lofty Ranges Adelaide Hills (1), ROB00(3) survey Mid North vegetation reserve plant (1), NRM07(2) pest feral management govt (1), NRM07(1) climate biodiversity sustainable (1), NIC93(2) South East of S.A. wetland groundwater water park reserve (1), NRM08 natural resources (1), NRM09 River Murray River Darling management (1), OWE95(1) Yumbarra C.P. biological vegetation mammals birds reptiles (1), ONK06 recreation Adelaide (1), OCO06 survey monitor education research (1), NIC93(1) Coorong salinity (1), NGA09 fire park reserve management plan (1), MUR92(1) management plan River Murray parks (1), MUR90(1) River Murray salinity (1), MUR89(2) River Murray Management water flood (1), NAT99 vegetation management bushcare (1), NAT00 resources vegetation managementfarm forest (1), NCS74 River Murray Govt (1), NAT02 native vegetation bush scrub (1), OWE95(2) survey park reserve South East of S.A. (1), PAT97 possum S.A.conference (1), RAN88(5) rangelands pastoral vegetation grazing management (1), RAN88(4) rangelands map grazing pastoral vegetation (1), RAN88(3) rangelands pastoral map soil vegetation (1), RAN87 rangelands management vegetation grazing livestock soil pastoral (1), ROS99 management grasslands conservation vegetation (1), ADE10 marine sea management plan Adelaide coast (1), ROU04 survey Mid north of S.A. fauna flora bird (1), RAN88(2) rangelands grazing govt management pastorsl (1), RAN88(1) rangeands vegetation management grazing pastoral (1), PFI02(1) kangaroo conservation management (1), PET09 conservation environment volunteer people (1), PED94 bird Mt Lofty Ranges Adelaide Hills survey (1), PFI02(2) kangaroo (1), PHI04 survey Mid North of S.A. (1), POU06 survey Mt Lofty Ranges water (1), PLA04 vegetation Mt Lofty Ranges tree fungus disease insect (1), ROB00(1) vegetation survey reserve Mid North of S.A. (1), WEA09(5) island Eyre Peninsula marine wilderness sea (1), WOT96(3) environment protection management sustainable (1), WIL09 Adelaide Mt Lofty Ranges threatened vegetation environment protection (1), WIL01(2) Kangaroo Island plan biodiversity (1), WWF02(1) & WWF02(2). Govt law legislation conservation environment (1), XAN09 conservation environment (1), YOR07(1) marine river management plan Yorke Peninsula estuary mining (1), YOR03(2) management plan Yorke Peninsula fire (1), YOR03(1) Yorke Peninsula management plan (1), WEE06 weeds bibliography (1), WEB93 South-East groundwater salinity vegetation (1), WEA10(2) S.A. Govt environment River Murray South East of S.A. (1), WEA09(7) S.A. environment (1), WAT00 grass revegetation Australia flora (1), WEA10(1) S.A. environment Govt (1), WEA10(4) S.A. Govt environment (1), FIR10 fire management plan (1), JAE81 bird wetland South East of S.A. survey (1), YOR07(2) management plan Yorke Peninsula island marine (1), YOR08 Yorke Peninsula management plan park reserve (1), MIL14 survey Mid North of S.A. (1), CAT11(1) & (2) Eyre Peninsula coast plan conservation (1), GRA79 resources lands desert pastoral mining (1), BLA14 bird survey Mt Lofty Ranges (1), MAH13(1) Mt Lofty Ranges vegetation grass (1), CRO09 bushland Murray Darling (1), PED07 bushland Yorke Peninsula (1), SAU14 grassland survey monitoring Mid North of S.A. (1), MIL08 biodiversity Mt Lofty Ranges vegetation monitor (1), ABL00 bird Fleurieu Peninsula swamp water (1), YOU96(1) & (2) conservation biodiversity (1), YOR09(2) Yorke Peninsula management plan park reserve (1), YOR09(1) Yorke Peninsula park reserve management plan (1), KAN04(1) Kangaroo Island (1), KAN04(2) roadside vegetation tree shrub Kangaroo Island (1), SAM00 Aboriginal sustainable heritage (1), CAR03 fire book (1), VOG03 S.A. Govt environment (1), VIR03 weed forest revegetation (1), GOS02 bird survey Coorong Upper South East of S.A. (1), THO03 Coorong water salinity monitoring (1), CUT03 fire survey South East of S.A. (1), GOS03 bird survey Coorong South East of S.A. (1), GOS05 bird survey Coorong South East of S.A. (1), DON03(2) swamp drain survey South East of S.A. (1), CUT04 Upper South East survey fire vegetation (1), GOS04 bird Coorong survey Upper South East of S.A. lake drain (1), USE07 South East of S.A. drain swamp revegetation wetland salinity (1), MAT00 Mt Lofty Ranges reserve management plan (1), WEA09(6) Far North of S.A. management plan park reserve arid land (1), MUR83(1) River Murray management plan (1), LET10 sea coast Eyre Peninsula Far West of S.A. (1), MUR09(3) Murray Darling urban planning people (1), YOR07(3) Yorke Peninsula development policy rural agriculture (1), MAT98(2) Mid North of S.A. management plan bushland (1), MAT98(1) Kangaroo Island bush management plan (1), DON03(1) swamp survey drain South East of S.A. (1), VIV04 South East of S.A. drain swamp water govt (1), URB90 flora desert (1), UNI80 Mt Lofty Ranges vegetation urban law (1), WIL03(1) Kangaroo Island resource biodiversity management plan agriculture (1), VAN02 marsupial survey possum S.A. (1), VIA93 frog (1), PHI05(1) fish Murray Darling wetlands flood (1), PHI05(2) Coorong marine ecosystem River Murray (1), WIL03(2) Kangaroo Island management plan natural resources (1), KAN03 Kangaroo Island plan govt policy (1), CRO99(2) South East of S.A. biodiversity plan Govt (1), HAN05 govt South East of S.A. salinity flood drain (1), BAC00 South east of S.A. biodiversity policy plan (1), BAL11 Eyre Peninsula agriculture govt industry resources (1), EYR07(5) Eyre Peninsula coast marine plan river sea groundwater flood (1), HAM02(3) Eyre Peninsula resource industry mining agriculture plan marine wetland (1), HAM02(1) fish Mt Lofty Ranges conservation endangered River Murray (1), COR06 Adelaide sand coast management plan (1), MOR84 insect S.A. (1), LLE77 Fleurieu beach Cape Jervis River Murray climate vegetation marine (1), ALL98 road vegetation Fleurieu Peninsula survey (1), ELL94 River Murray water policy planning management plan river (1), DEL73 water sea pollution (1), JOR72 S.A. environment land water pollution parks pastoral (1), HAR82 survey desert South East of S.A. park reserve mammal vegetation (1), MOW80 South East of S.A. vegetation survey flora (1), HEY76(2) River Murray mallee survey (1), BUT83 govt shacks environment coast review (1), CLA98(2) park reserve River Murray monitoring survey vegetation fauna (1), NEL92 mammals protection management plan (1), CLE81 S.A. environment study (1), DAY95 farm pastoral survey statistics study environment (1), FEN92 groundwater South East water salinity (1), FOX77 mining (1), CLA98(1) monitoring survey park reserve Danggali Murray mallee (1), PRE85 reserve mammal study Victoria (1), KER96 revegetation S.A. policy management tree flora (1), HEY76(1) South East of S.A. survey ecology (1), FAT97(1) mining Far North of S.A. geology (1), FAT96 mining Far North of S.A. (1), SPR76 Flinders Ranges tiurism geology flora fauna aboriginal (1), FAT97(2) mining Far North of S.A. geology gas (1), FOS94 Danggali Chowilla parks habitat survey vegetation birds mammals (1), NED97(1) mining waste pollution recycling policy (1), FRO87 Victoria conservation review (1), GIL93 Cooper Creek vegetation survey wetland bird Far North East (1), POT73 soil mallee geology vegetatiion water River Murray (1), HOD83 forest Victoria off-road vehicles (1), PEC82 Simpson Desert land management (1), LEI93 flora threatened endangered vegetation Australia (1), MAC88 River Murray salinity pollution (1), HAR92 management plan South East of S.A. wetlands water hunt groundwater (1), FAI84 Flinders Ranges vegetation (1), COO95 weeds conservation (1), COP95 birds conservationmonitoring parks protection reserves (1), OTT80 marine S.A. sea fishes reserves (1), HOW88 tree farm survey (1), BRA86 Danggali mallee survey vegetation fauna (1), HKF66 book tourism recreation Australia transport planning people (1), BLA03 biodiversity plan Mt Lofty ranges govt management legislation (1), ARM92 EIS South East salinity groundwater drainage model (1), BRO00(2) wetland swamp water management flood (1), FAT00 mining Far North of S.A. revegetation erosion (1), FAT97(3) mining Far North of S.A. (1), SMI95(3) maps parks reserves (1), SMI95(1) map parks reserves (1), PAR85 bird survey monitoring (1), PAR79 birds survey monitoring (1), MCB68 geology history River Murray (1), COT97 wetlands irrigation pollution (1), BRO00(1) wetland swamp revegetation water (1), SMI95(2) map parks reserves (1), NOR68 soil geology mining (1), LAY00 management plan South East of S.A. coast (1), MOR81 protection environment S.A. legislation Govt air water land (1), CLA82 Kangaroo Island education (1), SHA95 tourism forest Flinders Ranges (1), DEL88 Far North of S.A. mining Coongie Lakes reserve park management (1), COL99 butterfly Adelaide grass endangered (1), COP91 mallee fowl bird conservation (1), DAY84 climate geology water River Murray (1), GRE91 heritage lands planning South East Mid North mallee management (1), CUL75 Adelaide coastal urban geology park Fleurieu Peninsula tourism (1), MAC92 South East of S.A. groundwater salinity management wetlands (1), LLO74 policy railway Far North (1), HUR01 bird study mallee Adelaide Hills (1), PIE70 study education U.K. (1), KEL92(2) feral pests Australia (1), GUT96 Flinders Ranges tourism development Govt aboriginal (1), TOY88 desert Nullarbor heritage govt (1), GRE87 Flinders Ranges management soil rabbit goat pastoral conservation (1), PAT99 woodlands S.A. vegetation flora survey forest (1), DAV92(2) threatened vegetation endangered plant survey Mt Lofty Kangaroo Isl (1), MAT84 beetle S.A. insect (1), MAT82 beetle S.A. insect (1), MAT80 insect beetle S.A. (1), MAT85 beetle S.A. insect (1), MAT87 beetle S.A. insect (1), McC89 mallee book flora gun (1), McA01 reptile lizard conservation (1), MAT02 biodiversity plan Eyre Peninsula (1), MAR80 park reserve study Yorke Peninsula (1), MAC03(2) Adelaide Hills Mount Lofty Ranges management plan vegetation (1), LOF93(1) Mount Lofty plan study Adelaide (1), LOF91(1) management plan Mt Lofty Ranges tourism Fleurieu Peninsula (1), LOC00 vegetation economic woodlands tree bush (1), LOF05 Mt Lofty Ranges management plan park reserve (1), MAC02(1) management plan Mt Lofty Ranges Adelaide biodiversity water farm soil (1), MAC03(2) management plan Adelaide Hills Mount Lofty Ranges vegetation (1), MAC02(2) Adelaide Hills management plan Mount Fofty Ranges vegetation (1), MCQ85 insect Adelaide (1), MID06 park reserve management plan Mid North of S.A. (1), MLA98 pest tree weed bird (1), MIL03(11) forest Mount Lofty Ranges management plan (1), MIL03(10) forest management plan Mount Lofty Ranges (1), MOI10 Murray Darling water lake (1), MON05 scrub Monarto protection grass (1), MUT05 management S.A. resources (1), ADE13 Adelaide Hills Mount Lofty Ranges plan govt (1), MIL03(9) forest management plan Mount Lofty Ranges (1), MIL03(8) forest management plan Mount Lofty Ranges (1), MIL02(1) forest management plan Mount Lofty Ranges (1), MIL01 South East of S.A. swamp wetland drain (1), MID03 park reserve management plan (1), MIL02(2) forest reserve South East of S.A. (1), MIL03(5) forest Mount Lofty Ranges management plan (1), MIL03(7) forest managment plan Mount Lofty Ranges (1), MIL03(6) forest management plan Mount Lofty Ranges (1), LIN00 tree weeds (1), LEW81(1) survey park reserve Eyre Peninsula (1), NED97(2) mining waste pollution groundwater water recycling management (1), HOD79 policy federal government environment legislation (1), DAV89 conference parks management tourism economic planning (1), MOR83(2) N.Z. possum pest (1), BAD91 Far North Lake Eyre vegetation bird mammal reptile parks (1), BOD95 parks reserves policy conservation federal environment (1), OMA90 River Murray survey vegetation birds mammals reptiles fish (1), JEN93 South East EIS salinity wetlands management plan resources (1), HEA97 vegetation survey S.A. biology flora weeds scrub mallee (1), WIL95 law (1), LES86 management plan parks N.T. Mt Olga Ayers Rock aboriginal geology (1), PRE70 Eyre Peninsula survey fauna fire mallee geology park reserve (1), DAM93 South East of S.A. groundwater drain flood water management (1), LIN94 possum protection threatened model book endangered mammal (1), WEB69 book conservation ecosystem economic parks reserves tourism (1), COW73 bird water conservation hunting park management swamp wetlands (1), GRE86(2) desert survey Far West of S.A. geology vegetation Aboriginal mammals (1), BUL93 revegetation South East EIS salinity management plan groundwater (1), MUS86 River Murray water survey (1), BIS00 urban environment plan Adelaide (1), BEN07 Adelaide Hills survey monitoring vegetation bird (1), ARI09(6) arid lands (1), BON05 survey park reserve Fleurieu Peninsula (1), BUT97 marine coast Adelaide survey (1), CON00(1) biodiversity survey govt Aboriginal study (1), BYR04 vegetation legislation govt biodiversity regulation (1), STJ89(1) management plan mammals protection (1), ALE98(1) indicator environment public federal govt people policy (1), MOW81(2) vegetation Kangaroo Island (1), DAV98 Kangaroo Island mallee management vegetation grazing weed road (1), HAR74 policy Australia rural agriculture farm (1), BAR79 River Murray vegetation flora survey mallee (1), BAR81 Kangaroo Island mammals reptiles birds survey fishes (1), PAT94 bird survey Adelaide monitoring (1), ATK88(2) wetlands pastoral South East of S.A. management plan flood (1), MUR79(1) River Murray planning study river water (1)
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