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Sep 9, 2006
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Kelly Franklin
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I've never owned a car so guess where my library is? Every inch of wall-space is covered with books. Inside this, I built a twelve-foot long floor-to-ceiling wall to hold some of my SF magazines and anthologies on both sides. I investigated putting bookshelves on the two people-doors but gave that up. Hinges.

My library is mostly SF with 1,700 magazines plus novels, Ace doubles, SF movies, hundreds of anthologies, quite a bit of reference, and single-author story collections. I guess I really collect SF short stories, come to think of it!
Putting all my books in LT is daunting and I have more duplicates than I care to admit. If anybody wants to trade SF magazines or whatever with me, just let me know and I'll send you the list (which also shows how many copies I own). It would be ideal if I could find someone else in my duplicated situation.
About Me
I live with 7,000 books on an island in the Pacific. I'm retired and go kayaking a lot after having a cave with hobbit-door put in. I am not making this up - that's where the kayaks are kept.

The reason I beacame such a reader and SF book collector is that I was sprayed with Agent Orange in CFB Gagetown Canada beginning at the age of one in 1958. Health problems arose. Just Google it for the story because this verges on "too much information."
Nanaimo British Columbia Canada (On Vancouver Island)

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