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The Destin townspeople refer to their town’s past as “the Legend”, hiding the fearful truth from themselves. For, in reality, the story of Queen Ranna and her Sudba Creatures hangs like a dark cloud over the town. So, when ten-year-old Irian Horvats, who is the hub of the novel, decides to delve a little deeper into the mystery of “the Legend”, he becomes entangled in a puzzle – a puzzle that many important townspeople do not want to see solved.

The Legend tells of the Amphitheatre, which belonged to Queen Ranna - the hideous queen of the Sudba Creatures, whose sole role was to create a destiny for each baby born in the town. Each creature embodied a certain human quality - from love to hatred, from intelligence to stupidity, which it bestowed upon the unborn child in differing strengths and recorded in the silky pages of the Destiny Book. No Destiner was free from Queen Ranna or her Creatures – their fate lay in the Queen’s hands. Until Emo and Arena i.e. the heroes of the Destin’s Legend were born without a destiny and hence able to reclaim the Destiners’ liberty.

Following in the footsteps of Arena and Emo, Irian sets out to discover the truth in the Legend. Will he uncover more than he bargained for? Could he unwittingly unleash an unexpected and alarming train of events?
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