About My Library

Mainly sci-fi/fantasy but branching out into thrillers, horror, children's lit, and gothic---love the old "Dark Shadows" books by Marilyn Ross. I agreed to limit myself to 4 bookshelves (yay IKEA Billys!), however with height extensions, extra shelves, imaginative stacking, squeezing 2 rows of books per shelf, and hiding a few volumes under the coffee table I've managed to house over 2,000 paperbacks and hardcovers with room for more. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a determined bibliophile! Of course when I look at some of your profiles I feel like a total newbie....my stack just passes Niagara Falls and some of you are past Mt. Vesuvius. @@

About Me

Retired RN, hence the moniker. Avid reader and book collector...husband would say "hoarder" but what does he know?? Huge sci-fi fan since the age of 12 when I read Asimov's "Pebble in the Sky". Besides reading, my other passion is cinema and I enjoy writing up amateur movie reviews as a form of brain exercise if nothing else.

Vancouver, Canada
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