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Doug Connell
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My library was imported from Goodreads so there are a lot of items in here that are actually things I'd like to read one-day...I'll probably remove those items from LibraryThing and keep them over at GR. I read from a wide swath of genre. Our local library (in walking distance) allows my to check-out up to 50 items at a time!!!
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I am an associate pastor at a non-denominational church in southwest WA state, 30 min. north of Portland, OR. My wife and I have 8 children: 7 sons and 1 daughter (she is #3). As a pastor and in my free time I enjoy reading: I am currently about half-way through my 2018 goal of 100 books (today is March 30!!)
Woodland, WA (near Portland, OR)
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