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Jun 29, 2008
About My Library
My listing here includes books I am interested in (although far from all of them!) as well as books that I own. Books currently in my library have the tag "Owned"; all others should (but don't yet) have the tags "Purchase" or "Purchase Urgent," because, in an ideal Apollonian world, I would live in a library with all the books I have ever read or ever want to read. Obviously, that ideal world doesn't exist, but I can construct a virtual version of it here at LibraryThing.

Eventually I will add all the books I have read to my listing, too -- I have records going back to grade school -- but that will take a while.

I'm not a huge fan of rating systems, but they have some use as a kind of shorthand. That said, my ratings here are intended to compare like books to one another, not to assess every book against some mythical standard of absolute quality. Any rating of four or five stars should be considered a strong recommendation. I think that even my three star books are worthwhile reads, although below that it gets iffy. I tend to be a high rater; I am easy to please, but I also pre-select my reading carefully based on reviews, recommendations, literary history, and so on. I want to spend my time reading good books, not indifferent ones if I can help it.
About Me
I've always been keenly interested in literature, film, theater, art, music, history, geography, philosophy, and much else besides -- a real "life of the mind" type. Now, at 53, I happily consider myself a "senior scholar," on the model of the title character in Sir Walter Scott's wonderful novel "The Antiquary," and I obsessively organize my intellectual life into scores of projects. As an educator, I have taught almost every subject on the humanities side of the ledger, at the high school and university levels -- literature, history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, political science, art history, film, journalism, and public speaking. I am currently teaching most of those subjects - all except the last three, in fact - in the humanities department of a top-notch, university-based international high school in Mexico. If all goes well, I hope to spend the rest of my career in this beautiful, fascinating country, and to retire here as well. I am a contented gay single guy who always shares my home with companion animals -- I recently adopted two young female cats from the same litter, and named them Frida (Kahlo) and Remedios (Varo) after the great Mexican painters. They are a complete delight. I like baseball and golf as a spectator. Classic menswear -- I almost always wear a suit and tie -- and fine beer round out the list of my key enthusiasms.
Culiacan, Mexico
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