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PollyAnna Heberling-Perdue
About My Library
My library is quite varied because I kept the majority of my college textbooks. Many of my books are somehow related to Women's History and Women's Studies with quite a bit of fiction mixed in. Many of my books are second hand, I enjoy looking at the markings and notes previous owners have left in them and trying to discover what it was about the book they were trying to capture or discover.
About Me
I am the mother of four children from the ages of 9 to 19. I am finishing up my Bachelor's Degree at Beloit College in Women's and Gender Studies and History. I love to read and one day after the kids all grow up and move on I would like to turn one of the spare rooms into my private library. L.M. Montgomery is probebly my longest standing favorite author. I discovered Anne very young and have been a kindred spirit ever since. I quickly lose track of time while in a bookstore and very rarely do I leave one empty handed.

When I'm not reading I enjoy crocheting, swimming, fishing, camping, traveling, going to museums, playing the violin and piano, and spending time with my family, just to name a few.
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