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Jul 2, 2010
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It used to be more diverse, but now mainly consists of Japanese manga and its Korean counterpart. If I had space it would be much much bigger, but I have had to sell off large parts of my collection due to space constraints and $. The books cataloged here also include a lot of what I've sold prior to joining here (I'm adding things as I remember). My husband's sci fi collection mixes in.

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I am a dedicated reader of Japanese manga and a fan of Japanese pop culture in general. I do enjoy American graphic novels too, especially Hellboy and Constantine, but I don't tend to read them anymore for time and money reasons. I also love classic Edward Gorey and Charles Addams comics as they share my bleak sense of humor.

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Biblioteques: Lewes Public Library, Rehoboth Beach Public Library, Stephen J. Betze Library - Delaware Technical & Community College

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