About My Library

We have created our library to provide a literary resource to the community full of wholesome, God honoring, reading material for all ages. With Emily's experience as a 3rd grade teacher and with a masters in reading (focused on elementary ages), the bulk our library is focused toward young readers. However, we are continually expanding our collection and finding new nooks to house these treasures. Please check our catalog regularly for new additions.

We are currently in the process of organizing regular weekly library hours. During these times, we will be welcoming parents to bring their children over to enjoy books - coffee, tea, and a small snack will be provided.

About Me

David - He is a professional videographer/photographer that works for Rainbow Resource Inc. They are an online educational curriculum retailer that specializes in homeschool and private school material, but they have steadily been expanding their inventory to include toys and games with educational value.

Emily - She is a 3rd grade teacher at South Side Christian Academy. There, she brings the light of God's truth interwoven with all her subject matter to young minds hungry for hope and a bright future!

Peoria, IL

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