Gnostic (65), Martinist (60), Kabbalah (59), Eastern (56), Theosophy (46), Magic (45), Jesus (40), Masonry (36), Edgar Cayce (35), Rosicrucian (32), Psychology (29), Hypnotism (28), Prophecy (27), Jung (26), Egypt (22), Dead Sea Scrolls (20), Grail (20), Tarot (20), Healing (18), Greek (17), Judaism (17), Alchemy (17), Fiction (16), Templar (16), Divination (16), Mythology (16), Reincarnation (15), Scripture (15), Numerology (14), Buddhism (14), Inspiration (14), Biography (13), Afterlife (12), Native American (12), Sufism (12), Astrology (11), Meditation (11), Hermetic (10), Magdalene (10), Atlantis (9), New Thought (9), Golden Dawn (9), Music (8), Angels (8), Blake (7), Rennes-le-Chateau (7), ESP (6), Paranormal (6), Cathar (5), Mu (5), Middle Eastern (5), Dreams (5), Crystals (4), Nostradamus (4), Black Virgin (3), Herbs (3), South American (2), Reference (2), Islam (2), Celtic (2), Hawaiian (2), Joseph Campbell (2), Death & Dying (1), History (1)
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Oct 21, 2012
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Église Gnostique Catholique Apostolique
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A private collection of books, periodicals, and archives relating to the western esoteric tradition. Most of the volumes in this library were collected by John J. Cole (1953–2010), who was an active leader of the French Gnostic Church, as well as Martinist, Rosicrucian, Masonic and Templar movements. To the French Gnostic Church, l’Eglise Gnostique Catholique Apostolique, he was known as Known as Tau Iohannes Harmonius, Bishop of Evansville, Indiana and auxiliary bishop of the Midwest. John Cole also served as Grand Commander of the Rosicrucian Order of the Grail, Primer Grand Master of the Ancient Martinist Order, and Grand Master of the Blue Lodges of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim. In addition to reflecting his lifelong interest in mysticism and comparative religion, this library contains many volumes on the prerequisite reading lists of important schools of mysticism.

Some of the subjects emphasized in this collection are comparative religion, Gnosticism, esoteric Christianity, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus, Greek religion, Judaism, Islam, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, kabbalah, Hermeticism, Masonry, Martinism, Rosicrucianism, secret societies, Knights Templar, Arthuriana, medieval history, ancient history, Atlantis, prophecy, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, mysticism, metaphysics, afterlife, reincarnation, near-death experience, parapsychology, prayer, meditation, yoga, healing, hypnosis, divination, magic, numerology, symbology, astrology, mythology, Jungian psychology, alchemy, theosophy, anthroposophy, and music.

Some volumes in this collection were added by Tau Apollonius, Primate of North America for the French Gnostic Church.
New York, New York
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