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I read mostly fiction, but am not opposed to non-fiction, especially a well written biography. I am open to most anything, genre-wise. A good story that takes hold of me is the best gift an author can give me.

My Rating System:
5 Stars: Loved this book, lost sleep over it, will tell everyone about it, will re-read it.

4.5 Stars: Love it, will probably re-read, will happily recommend it.

4 Stars: A great story, kept me happily engaged, will recommend it.

3.5 Stars: A good story, kept my attention, but not a page-turner, recommendable.

3 Stars: A pretty good story, possibly formulaic, not a bad book.

2.5 Stars: Issues with the writing style or the story or both.

2 Stars: A struggle to read, happy to put down.

1.5 Stars: Forced myself to finish or refused to waste any more precious reading time on it.
About Me
I am an avid reader and am rarely without a book, for you never know when you'll be able to get in a few pages. I'm a mom and a wife. I'm a crafter and a gardener. I am a substitute teacher. I'm a world traveler. I'm a volunteer at a therapeutic riding facility. I'm an animal lover. I'm a bike rider, a kayaker and amateur photographer who would like to be a lot better. I'm so much more too, but for now that's a start.
Wisconsin, USA
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