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Feb 17, 2009
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About My Library
My library is full of books I love. I'm trying to buy less and use the library more because I'm a poor, poor person, so most of the books I actually own are favorites that I love to read and reread with a few unread books by favorite authors that I'll know I'll love. I recently donated a bunch of books, so I'm still in the process of updating my library to reflect what I actually own.

When I rate a book, I rate it within it's own genre. I don't expect a book by Scott Lynch to have the same speaking power as a book by Charles Dickens, but it's likely they have the same rating.

A brief explanation of my tags:
Own: I own these books, regardless of whether or not I have read them.
Read: These are the books I own and have read.
To Read: These are the books I own, have not read, but want to read and will eventually get around to it.
***Note: I do not mark collections of poetry as "Read" or "To Read" for the simple fact that I don't read them straight through but rather prefer to dip into them, savoring a poem here or there. To read them like a work of fiction takes away from their beauty and strength, I think.
Read But Unowned: I either borrowed these from the library or a friend and have read them.
Wishlist: I do not own these, have not read them, but really really want to.
Used To Own: I used to own these book and have read them, but for some reason or another I got rid of my copy (likely because I didn't like the book or didn't consider it rereadable and needed the shelf space).
Abandoned: Self explanatory, but these are really bad books that I couldn't finish. I would never recommend these books to anyone.
On Hiatus: Books that are okay and at some point, I plan on finishing but for the moment, I don't really feel like reading them.
Omnibus: I have a few books which are actually volumes of two or more books (for example: I have all of The Chronicles of Narnia in one volume). I like to review, but that has to be done for each book separately. If there's an Omnibus tag, it means the book is part of a bigger volume. There's a "code" after the word Omnibus (usually just an acronym of the series title - Chronicles of Narnia would be labeled as "Omnibus CoN") so if you want to know what volume it is in, match it up using this "code".

...and a quick explanation of my starring system:
5 stars - Hella fantastic and recommended for everyone! I found very few to no flaws.
4.5 stars - So close to being perfect but not quite there.
4 stars - Really good but I didn't love it. I really liked it though :)
3.5 stars - It wasn't that great but I guess it does have some redeeming qualities. I might try and attempt a reread in the future.
3 stars - Recommended if you're a fan of the genre or the summary strikes your fancy. I found it decent but thought there were some major faults. I don't regret reading it, but I regret buying it.
2.5 stars - I had to force myself to finish it.
2 stars - I didn't like it and I probably didn't finish it. Not recommended. Read at your own risk.
1.5 stars - I'm not quite sure how this got published. Definitely abandoned. Not recommended.
1 star -What an utterly awful, disgusting, meaningless piece of garbage. Reserved only for the worst of the worst.
.5 stars - In an act of self preservation, I have wiped the memory of this book from my mind. I have repressed the memory of attempting to read it and remember nothing about it. You'll have to read my angry review to know how I felt about this book.

I try to write a good, detailed review for every book I read. It's more for me. I like to be able to go back and read exactly what I thought about a particular book. If it helps someone else out too, then woot!
About Me
I'm a twenty-five year old English grad student. I also teach at the university I'm taking classes at. When I have free time, which isn't often, I read. I think it would be fantastic to be a librarian and run my own library some day. Short of that, maybe owning a bookstore would be nice. Preferably a used one, as I love used books.

I tend to read multiple books at the same time because I'm always in a different mood and hate having to finish a book before I can start another one. It just makes me mad at the book I'm currently reading and it's never fun to be mad at reading :(
United States
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