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Oct 3, 2013
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RedLine is about the tangible benefits of education and training, and the emotional benefits of connectivity, respect, and satisfaction. It's a place for many-collectors, curators, and the public.

RedLine is about connecting artists with the community. RedLine encourages artistic growth in an environment where artists can cross the red line to lose the inhibitions that may hold an artist back, while gaining support systems to excite the senses and realize one's dreams. Artists are required to share their experiences and their personal creative's with the community.

Laura Merage, the Founder of RedLine, is an artist and philanthropist. She has experienced first-hand the challenges emerging and mid-career artists face as they develop their portfolios and build their careers. Her dream is to assist emerging artists as they take their professions to the next level and export the creative process to a broader community.

RedLine is located at 2350 Arapahoe Street in Denver, Colorado . The building was designed by renowned architects Semple-Brown to encourage artists and visitors alike to enter a realm where inspiration remains absolutely unchecked. Guests of RedLine literally cross a “red line” into a space where they are free to explore their own creativity. In support, the building has been thoughtfully designed to bring art and beauty to the surrounding neighborhood and community and to incorporate as many environmentally friendly nuances as possible.

RedLine is a Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations to RedLine are tax-deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. A Board of Directors provides professional expertise, strategic direction and also serves as "ambassadors" to the larger community. Ad hoc committees are responsible for specific projects and initiatives and report to the Board of Directors. A Director/Curator, an administrative staff and a cadre of volunteers insure the optimal functioning and flourishing of RedLine's facilities, programs and projects.

RedLine's Milwaukee, in affiliation with the Denver group, is located at 1422 North 4th Street Milwaukee, WI. Like the Denver location, the building will offer a unique space that encourages artists and the public to enter a realm where inspiration remains absolutely unchecked, to bring art and beauty to the surrounding neighborhood and community by incorporating as many environmentally friendly nuances as possible.

"Amazing space with lots of creativity" - Peju Alawusa

"Hands down the coolest gallery in Denver!" - Stacey Thorum Schultz

"RedLine is a great artistic community. If you haven't been, you simply must go!" - Loretta Young-Gautier

"I believe the world is a better place because RedLine is on it. The arts need RedLine. And the world does too." - Christopher McIntyre, Artist at RedLine Milwaukee

"Great center for art and community outreach in Denver. The space, the art and the opportunities need to be replicated in every city in the country. Well done!" - Patty Martorano-Drown
2350 Arapahoe Street; Denver, CO 80205
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