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Feb 19, 2011
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Sobre la meva biblioteca
Most of the books relate to my working interests, although there are books from all stages of my life here -- I guess I rarely ever throw books away ...
Only a partial selection of books have been added here while I get to know the system better.
Most of my tags will probably be of no use to anyone else -- they are simply there to remind me where the books are stored! (I've run out of space to put them all on shelves so many are in boxes ...)
Sobre mi
Researcher into international security policy issues. Currently taking a break from my previous activities to do a PhD at the University of Bath.
I've worked in and with the non-governmental, governmental and inter-governmental sectors; mostly looking at technology control and innovation issues that relate to materials and technologies that can have hostile as well as peaceful uses. My work in this field is much broader than that which would normally come under the rubric of arms control.
I have side interests in the issues of interactions between governments and societies, in policies of access to official information, in emergency response and planning issues, and in international legal frameworks.
I spent 16 years, part-time, writing briefings in the UK Parliament, mostly on defence and foreign policy issues, hence the large number of Parliamentary papers in my Library.
As well as the CBW Events web page listed below, I am also a contributor to a Briefing Book ( for the Seventh Review Conference for the Biological Weapons Convention which which was held in December 2011 and a Resource Guide ( for the Third Review Conference for the Chemical Weapons Convention which will be held in April 2013.
Bath, United Kingdom
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Biblioteques: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI), British Library, University of Bath Library, University of Sussex Library