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Ranging from Non-Fiction (Art, Science, Math, Metaphysics, History, Geology, Woodworking, Do-It-Yourself, Nature, Music, Aviation, Entertainment, Philosophy etc) to Fiction (King, Poe, Asimov, Clarke, Hemingway, Conan Doyle, Barker, Stout, Tolkien, etc etc). I have a thing for vintage Math & Science books, and vintage Children's books as well as vintage Encyclopedias. I prefer & own mostly Hardcovers & have quite a few special volumes such as Folio Editions, Heritage Press, and Antiques etc.
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Avid Reader & Collector of Books, Avid Watcher & Collector of Movies, Avid Listener & Collector of Music, Woodworker, Mechanic, Occasional Artist, Writer & Poet, Father of two Wonderful Adults, Thinker & Brooder, Critical Thinker, Atheist, Pantheist, Sceptic, Clown, Curmudgeon, Motorcycle Rider, Retired.
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