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Jan 26, 2021
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It is eclectic, tracing my interests through life...

Starting with horror fiction (Lovecraft) moving through Science Fiction (Asimov) and Fantasy (JRR Tolkien) then on to Philosophy, Ancient History, Mythology, Astronomy, Cosmology, and Theology.

Theology dominates the premium space on the shelves; from Paul and Augustine to Spurgeon and Piper.

You will find Marcus Aureus next to Robert Jordan, Stephan Hawking next to Isaac Newton and Edgar Allen Poe hiding in the shadows with HP Lovecraft. From the early books of my youth on mythology and time-life to college texts on Physics and Chemistry, there is a broad range of accessibility and scholarship throughout my modest library. There are wonderful coffee table books full of pictures of beautiful places and animals and sermon manuscripts from the puritans, all treasures through which I have grown.