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B. S. Haldane: On Being the Right Size (1), Friedrich Wohler: On the Artificial Production of Urea (1), Of Money (1), Sir Charles Lyell: Geological Evolution from The Principles of Geology (1), Dmitri Mendeleev: The Genesis of a Law of Nature from The Periodic Law of the Chemical Elements (1), Michael Faraday: The Chemical History of a Candle (1), H. L. F. von Helmholtz: On the Conservation of Force (1), Albert Einstein & Leopold Infeld: The Rise and Decline of Classical Physics from The Evolution of Physics (1), Sir Arthur Eddington: The Running-Down of the Universe (1), A Meditation upon a Broomstick (1), John C. Calhoun: The Concurrent Majority from A Disquisition on Government (1), Galileo Galilei: The Starry Messenger (1), Tommaso Campanella: Arguments for and against Galileo from The Defense of Galileo (1), A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Ireland from Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country (1), Thomas Babington Macaulay: Machiavelli (1), Rachel L. Carson: The Sunless Sea (1), Loren Eiseley: On time from The Immense Journey (1), John Ruskin: An Idealist's Arraignment of the Age (1), Robert Louis Stevenson: The Lantern-Bearers (1), Karl von Clausewitz: What is War? (1), Thomas Robert Malthus: The Principle of Population from Population: The First Essay. (1), Dante Alighieri: On World Government from De Monarchia (1), William James: On a Certain Blindness in Human Beings (1), Arthur Schopenhauer: On Education (1), The Energies of Men (1), Immanuel Kant: Perpetual Peace (1), Sir James Jeans: Beginnings and Endings (1), Plutarch: Of Bashfulness (1), Francis Bacon: The Sphinx (1), Edmund Burke: Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol (1), Jean Henri Fabre: A Laboratory of the Open Fields (1), Michael Faraday: Observations on Mental Education (1), The Sacred Beetle (1), Of the Balance of Trade (1), Of Taxes (1), Of the Study of History (1), John Tyndall: Michael Faraday from Faraday as Discoverer (1), Eve Curie: The Discovery of Radium (1), Charles Robert Darwin: Autobiography (1), Jean Jacques Rousseau: A Lasting Peace through the Federation of Europe (1), Norman Robert Campbell: Measurement (1), Their Final Dispersion (A.D. 132) (1), Homersham Cox (1), Polycarp: Martyrdom of Polycarp and Justin Martyr (1), Polycarp's Epistle to the Philippians (A.D. 155) (1), Charles Merivale: The Jews' Last Struggle for Freedom (1), Litton: Destruction of Pompeii (A.D. 79) (1), Newman: The Rise and Spread of Christianity (A.D. 33) (1), Tacitus: Burning of Rome Under Nero (A.D. 64) (1), Frederic William Farrar: Persecution of the Christians under Nero (A.D. 64-68) (1), Josephus: The Great Jewish Revolt. Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem (A.D. 70) (1), Francois P. G. Guizot: Persecution of the Christians in Gaul (A.D. 77) (1), Edward Gibbon: Beginning of Rome's Decline (1), Biblical Salvation (1), 1. Same-sex marriage--Religious aspects--Christianity. 2. Sex--Biblical teaching. 3. Homosexuality--Biblical teaching. 4. Marriage--Biblical teaching. (1), 0664221483 (1), young men and women (1), Winter's Tale (1610) (1), Two Gentlemen of Verona (1594) (1), Commodus (A.D. 80) (1), Christian Life-Presbyterian authors (1), Troilus and Cressida (1601) (1), Twelfth Night (1599) (1), Frederic William Farrar: The Crucifixion (A.D. 30) (1), Tacitus: Germanicus in Germany (A.D. 13-16) (1), Bertrand Russell: The Study of Mathematics (1), Mathematics and the Metaphysicians (1), Definition in Number (1), Edward Kasner & James R. Newman: New Names for Old (1), On the Nature of Calculus (1), Alfred North Whitehead: On Mathematical Method from An Introduction to Mathematics (1), Lancelot Hogben: Mathematics (1), the Mirror of Civilization (1), Andrew Russell forsyth: Mathematics (1), in Life and Thought (1), Beyond the Googol (1), Tobia Dantzig: Fingerprints (1), Charles Sanders Peirce: The Red and the Black. (1), Leonhard Euler: The Seven Bridges of Königsberg (1), Henri Poincaré: Space (1), History. Volume III: Charles F. Horne: An Outline Narrative of the Great Events (1), Pierre Simon de la Place: Probability from A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities (1), Mathematical Creation (1), The Empty Column (1), An Essay on Modern Education (1), Numerical Laws and the Use of Mathematics in Science (1), William Kingdon Clifford: The Postulates of the Science of Space (1), Kees Boeke: Cosmic View. (1), Thomas Jefferson: The Virginia Constitution from Notes on Virginia (1), First nations (1), Joy (1), Self-improvement (1), Satan (1), Zoroastrianism (1), Repentance (1), Baptism (1), Psychoanalysis (1), Voodoo (1), Hospitality (1), Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1), Great Men and Their Environment (1), The Study of the Dictionary (1), The Greater Divinities (1), The Minor Divinities (1), John Erskine: The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent (1), Modern Phases of Education (1), Chance (1), Second Inaugural Address (1), Greek and Roman Mythology (1), The Doctor in Spite of Himself (1), The Gettysburg Address (1), Business Law (1), Suffering (1), Eastern Mysticism (1), Music (1), Law (1), Caffeine (1), Sabbatarianism (1), Sienkiewicz (1), Charismatics (1), Genesis (1), Classics (1), Dispensationalism (1), Renan (1), A Plea for Captain John Brown (1), Pastoral Theology (1), Occult (1), Alchemy (1), Appalachians (1), Christian History (1), Wise (1), Business (1), Zen (1), Pliny (1), Furniture (1), William Kingdon Clifford: The Ethics of Belief (1), William James: The Will to Believe AND The Sentiment of Rationality (1), Alexis de Tocqueville: Observations on American Life and Government from Democracy in America (1), Henry David Thoreau: Civil Disobedience (1), Abraham Lincoln: Address at Cooper Institute (1), Letter to Horace Greeley (1), Jean de Crevecoeur: The Making of Americans from Letters from an American Farmer (1), Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania (1), The Farewell Address (1), Biographical Sketches (1), First Inaugural Address (1), Benjamin Franklin: A Proposal for Promoting Useful Knowledge among the British Plantations in America (1), Mediation on the Divine Will (1), Last Public Address. (1), Of Custom and Education (1), of Followers and Friends (1), Of Usury (1), Of Riches (1), Of Seditions and Troubles (1), Of Great Place (1), George Bernard Shaw: The Man of Destiny (1), Sir Francis Bacon: Of Youth and Age (1), Of Parents and Children (1), Of Marriage and Single Life (1), George Washington: Circular Letter to the Governors of All the States on disbanding the Army (1), 1776 from The Crisis (1), Sir Francis Bacon: Of Truth AND Of Death AND Of Adversity AND Of Love AND Of Friendship AND Of Anger (1), George Santayana: Lucretius AND Goethe's Faust (1), Henry Adams: St. Thomas Aquinas (1), Voltaire: The Philosophy of Common Sense from Philosophical Dictionary (1), Cicero: On Friendship AND On Old Age (1), Plutarch: Contentment (1), John Dewey: The Process of Thought from How We Think (1), Epicurus: Letter to Herodotus AND Letter to Menoeceus (1), Epictetus: The Enchiridion (1), Walter Horatio Pater: The Art of Life from The Renaissance (1), John Stuart Mill: Nature (1), Ralph Waldo Emerson: Nature AND Self-Reliance AND Montaigne; or (1), Anton Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard (1), John M. Synge: Riders to the Sea (1), Eugene O'Neill: The Emperer Jones. (1), Thomas Paine: A Call to Patriots-December 23 (1), Henrik Ibsen: An Enemy of the People (1), Richard Sheridan: The School for Scandal (1), the Skeptic (1), William Hazlitt: On the Feeling of Immortality in Youth (1), Sir Thomas Browne: Immortality from Urn-Burial (1), Moliere: The Misanthrope (1), Jonathan Swift: Resolutions when I Come to Be Old (1)
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Dec 7, 2011
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Ron Gilbert
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My library has one purpose: to inform my mind of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that I may know him rightly; to empower my will to obey him Who gave himself for me by doing that which he says to do, and refraining from that which he forbids; and, to warm my affections so that I may worship him aright.
About Me
Just a man, I know I am
Loved by God, to understand:
His glorious love, never failing
All for me, his Son availing!
Thank him as we take long looks
At his ways in all our books!
Erwin, TN
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