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My list is not really up to date at the moment, I'm missing a good amount, maybe 50-150 books, who knows, and there's a couple that aren't up because they aren't listed in any of a databases LT uses. My library does not reflect all of my reading interests though, my wish list on Amazon is just as big as my actual library
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I'm a 24 yr old college student at UMASS Boston, my major is Anthropology with a focus in Religion and Archaeology. By that I mean studying world religions and comparative religion, etc...I hope to attend Boston University for a PhD in Religion, but who knows... I have been a studying/practicing eclectic witch for almost a decade.I'm really interest in all cultures religions, Egyptian history, Bibical studies/archaeology, the list goes on and on. I live in Massachusetts and love meeting new people so don't be afraid, I won't bite :-)
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