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Scott Humphreys
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It changes periodically and although I share my books with anyone who might be interested, the only ones I ask to be returned are those written by Robert Monroe
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I was brought up in the West Midlands but moved to Northern Ireland in my early twenties where I still live today with my wife and two children.

My interest in philosophy and spirituality was ignited at quite an early age by an intrinsic curiosity and desire to understand a reality I wasn't always comfortable with, and as the years conspire to change my perception, I am inclined to accept it is perhaps a reality that none of us ultimately belong.

My first publication was: ‘The Missing Innocence,’ released by PS Avalon in 2009. It was written in response to the loss of someone close and inspired by a spiritual awareness of the world I had grown up with as a child.

‘The Chronicles of Kismah,’ unexpectedly emerged from a period of self-analysis at the beginning of 2012. It began as a simple process of questions and answers but evolved into an elaborate dialogue with an unknown personality that discusses in detail the reality beyond life.

Sometimes I think it is a lot to expect other people to follow the mosaic like pattern of my thoughts, but now and again when something emerges that I feel might be of value it becomes difficult not to share it. For those of you who choose to take the time I genuinely hope you will experience a little of the joy I have encountered in my endeavour to express them.
Northern Ireland
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