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I love vampire love books and fantasy cause fantasy rocks and reality sucks!!!
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I Love to read and write. Blood And Love (My Book I'm writting) Is finished and will be in a Trilogy. Along with Blood And Tears & finally Blood And Forever. YAY!!!!
I'm a HUGE texter!!! XD Love it!! write and ask my number cuz i'll totally text u!! ;)
my fav book series is VAMPIRE KISSES!!
I'm so like depressed Panic at the Disco broke up... :(
I Loved Pete Wentz until he married Ashlee...
My favorite colors are Black, blue, red, purple, And ALL NEON Colors that are accented with black!!
I'm WILD FYI and only 17!!! XD
jacob Black is gorgy!!
But I want my own Alexander Sterling from Vampire Kisses!! XD
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