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Membre: Shrike58

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Quant a miI'm just some guy that lives in the Washington, DC area and who happens to be an archivist, and that's about as much as I care to give away. You can figure out my reading tastes from looking at the list.

For those of you who are curious my icon is a Curtiss A-18 Shrike; a 1930s warplane

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
Due to accidents, deaccessioning, and living in an area well served with libraries, I only own a portion of the the books I'm listing. At least this was the case before the buying binge of the last decade or so! Let's just say that some people's libraries are more virtual than others! As for how I rate I figure five stars is a book you should probably own as a generalist, four is worth rereading (or owning if you're a specialist), three is worth reading once, two wasn't all it's cracked up to be, one is that I read this book so you don't have to.

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UbicacióArlington, Va.

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Membre des deDec 22, 2005

Llegint actualmentGladiator vs CR.42 Falco: 1940-41 (Duel) de Hakan Gustavsson
The Origins of the Chinese Nation: Song China and the Forging of an East Asian World Order de Nicolas Tackett
The Cavalry of the Army of the Cumberland de Dennis W. Belcher
Moon Rush: The New Space Race de Leonard David
How to Rule an Empire and Get Away with It de K. J. Parker
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