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Etiquetesdigital ed. (31), digital ed (8) — mostra totes les etiquetes

SuportSense marcar (2), Llibre (302), Llibre en paper (293), Altres (8)

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Quant a mi"Absolute silence will overcome you and while being engulfed in the disappearance of all forms, you still find a something that stands for a better instance of yourself: an original form. Through this silence and subsequent rebirth one discovers the falsity of culture as an engine for layering in many false personas. I am the I."

I'm interested in networking with other people who are interested in the following: Thelema, Golden Dawn,The Occult, Magick, Mysticism, Spirituality, Tarot, Esoteric Christianity, Qabbalah, Goetia, and Enochian magick. Fee free to send me a message on myspace or one of the messengers listed.

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la meva biblioteca
If you have any questions about the books that I have, feel free to send a message.

GrupsA Pearl of Wisdom and Enlightenment, Astrology, Babalon Down Under, Esoterica, Medieval Europe, Mystical & Spiritual, Occult Hash Slingers, TAROT LOVERS, Thelema, Western Mysteries

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UbicacióCleveland, OH

Autors preferitsSense marcar

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Membre des deDec 9, 2006

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