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Dragonsinger: Harper of Pern de Anne McCaffrey

Winterstrike de Liz Williams

The Devil's Horsemen de James Chambers

Is Anyone Out There? de Frank Drake

Hammerfall (The Gene Wars) de C. J. Cherryh

The Blood Pit (Wesley Peterson Series) (Wesley Peterson Crime Series) de Kate Ellis

Songs the Dead Men Sing de George R Martin; George R. R Martin

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la meva biblioteca
Only a small chunk of the overall library holdings here at Chateau Dysfunction are in LibraryThing thus far. All of the large format SF&F (hardcovers and trade paperbacks) is in, along with some of the small format paperbacks, which make up the bulk of the SF&F collection – generally because I’ve now trained myself to add books to LT as I acquire them, or I’ve pulled them out of the stacks for another reason and decided to catalogue them while they were out. For this reason also there’s only a small selection of the crime and cookbook holdings currently represented in my LT library.

Because of some gentle urging from certain Associates elsewhere, I have just now started to methodically add the rest of the SF collection, but it’s very much going to be a work in progress for awhile. Also, I’ve done nothing about tagging anything yet, as I want to think carefully about what sort of tagging taxonomy I will use.

Update: 13 April 2009
Have now entered all of the small format SF&F up into the 'S' authors, but have reached the eand of the easily accessible SF shelves. Diverting on to the crime/mystery bookcases for a while to make a start there also.

Have also decided on a few basic broad tags - nothing too idiosyncratic. :)

GrupsAustralian LibraryThingers, Cthulhu Mythos Homeschoolers, History at 30,000 feet: The Big Picture, Science Fiction Fans

Autors preferitsJoe Abercrombie, Poul Anderson, Iain M. Banks, John Birmingham, Christopher Brookmyre, C. J. Cherryh, Lionel Davidson, Stephen R. Donaldson, David Drake, Warren Ellis, Jane S. Fancher, Neil Gaiman, Gideon Haigh, Dave Hutchinson, Graham Joyce, Ken MacLeod, Ian McDonald, China Miéville, Richard K. Morgan, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Anthony Price, Ian Rankin, Alastair Reynolds, Keith Roberts, Justina Robson, Ian Sales, Liz Williams, Roger Zelazny (Preferits compartits)

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UbicacióCanberra, ACT, Australia

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