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Membre: T.Allyn.Ray

Col·leccionsLoaned to Me (5), Declutter (312), La teva biblioteca (375), Totes les col·leccions (687)

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Etiquetesfaith formation (3), history (1776-1976) (1), Kentucky's mountains (1), offertory prayers (1), communion prayers (1), Christian apologetics (1), Baptists (1), prayers of an elder (1) — mostra totes les etiquetes

SuportSense marcar (1), Llibre (685), Llibre en paper (683), Llibre electrònic (2), Altres (1), Música impresa (1)

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Quant a miA long-term "student," his partner/spouse, and their Dalmatian. We live in the California "Bay Area." We have very diverse backgrounds, complimentary as well as complementary tastes, and differ in our approaches to matters.

We are newbies to LibraryThing and are joining as we reorder our books, sheet music, and media (audio & TV/movies) dispersed around the house into one place - our new home office/library and home NAS/media server.

As "student," I tend to dialogue with a book by brackets & underlines (originally), highlights, when available (yellow, & sometimes green and blue), and annotations (comments, notes, & evoked thoughts). And, sometimes I've kept a side-journal.

Similarly, I work up a piece or set of music which means I tend to mark up my scores. I also supplement my work up referring to YouTube as a means to learn from and decide for myself what elements in a delivery I like.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
Just another home library, collected by two people over the years and for the future years.

It is part of a home office. We are still in the midst of finishing the remaking the room, culling our collection, and restocking it with our quips and quotes, books, music, and media.

From a Gift shop trinket that I was given while in jr. high school: "We pass through this world but once. Any good that I can do or any kindness I can show, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect for we cannot pass this way again." It On the trinket, it was attributed to Charles Wesley (1707-1788), but I also see it attributed to the Friends clergy, Stephen Grellet (1773-1855).

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També aAmazon, YouTube

Nom realThomas A Ray

Autors preferitsSense marcar

Tipus de comptepúblic

URL /profile/T.Allyn.Ray (perfil)
/catalog/T.Allyn.Ray (biblioteca)

Membre des deApr 12, 2020

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