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Thomas Whaley
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I was born in 1972 and have lived on Long Island my entire life. Since early childhood, I always enjoyed writing as a pastime, whether it be poems, short stories or funny scripts for his friends to act out. Most importantly, I loved to entertain those around him, especially children. This eventually led me to change my career path from working in The Big Apple to becoming an elementary school teacher at the age of 27. Since becoming a teacher in 1999, I have taken my childhood pastime to the next level, authoring several children’s books and sharing them with my students as well as my own children.

I have always enjoyed reading books, but particularly those that make me casually self-reflect or hysterically laugh at the idiosyncrasies of daily life. This is what inspired me to finally sit down and write Leaving Montana. I currently live in Shoreham, New York with my husband Carl, our two sons Andrew and Luke, and my loyal dog Jake.

Leaving Montana is my first novel.
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