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Christine Oliver
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My library really only started in 2009, although I had some books left from High School, at most, they would have totalled 10.

I use my LibraryThing catalogue to record both books I own (whether I've read them or not) and books I've read that I don't own. I guess it's really about my journey with books.

I use the 'Your Library' collection only for books I physically own, the other collections should be self explanatory.

Some of the books here are my fiance's, simply so I can keep track of them (if you look hard enough, you can probably spot what those are).

I don't use tags because I don't really have a use for them that isn't covered by collections. If you can think of a good reason to, I would consider using them.
About Me
I started reading 'classics' in late 2009 because I finally finished my post graduate degree and suddenly discovered this thing called 'free time'.

Yes I'm an accountant, please don't hold that against me. Although I am a forensic accountant, so maybe that makes me sound cool and edgy like I look for dead numbers or something.

I'm happy to receive profile comments about my library, ratings or reviews.

I know a moderate amount of Latin and will start learning Spanish in winter (southern hemisphere).

My 2011 Club Read thread is located here:
Feel free to leave any comments or book recommendations there.

I'm also keen on fitness, which I track using the excellent online service, dailymile:
Essendon, Victoria, Australia
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