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Tino Didriksen
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Remember how you could hold down the Reset combination on an Amiga 500 to free up slightly more RAM in order to play the largest maps in The Settlers? And how overpowered Paladins were in Master of Magic? Good times, good times...

While I was hex-editing everything I could get my hands on trial'n'error style, including the raw block device itself, I wasn't terribly interested in natural language processing in those early days. That came along as my English vastly improved, because as every NLP person knows, English is a seductively easy language to write NLP algorithms for - shame they fall apart as soon as any morphologically complex language enters the picture.

These days, I primarily develop tools for use in various parts of computational linguistics, from live language analysis, through corpus query, to rule-based machine translation.
Odense, Denmark
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