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Universal Faithists of Kosmon
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UFK Little Library Archives is dedicated to maintaining OAHSPE related materials, history and supporting New Age and Pagan literacy.

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The UFK has maintained our Archives dating back to 1870, so that future generations can have access to the history of our unique religion. The Archives include but are not limited to materials from the Kosmon Church of England (1901-present), the history of Shalam Colony of New Mexico (1885-1905), the Faithist Brotherhood of Light of California (1901-1935), The Essenes of Kosmon (1935-1972), Eloists of Massachusetts (1909-present), and Four Winds Georgia/Faithist Archives East (1971- 2018).

The Archives are also home to many religious books and newsletters that were donated by the Authors or publishers; Justin Titus, Sister. Cora Nichols Bennett, Erma Jean Lee, Rev. Steven York, Dr. Susan Martinez, Hugh Rose, Harry Hilton, Greta James, Archie Frost, Frank, and George Morley, to list only a few. We are working to preserve the works of these Faithists Scholars. Much of this donated literature is free upon request.

We are interested in making the Archives available to the public, offering retreats to allow those who are studying to come to the Inyokern Retreat Center, where they can meet, study and have a spiritual community with other Faithists. We look forward to retreats happening as often as twice a year, coinciding with one of our religious holidays.

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