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I love reading, always have since childhood - hence the English degrees. My library contains books I have read for class as well as pleasure, as well as others that I picked up with "scholarly intentions." I'm working on tagging everything, but wow that's a lot.
My favorite format is trade paperbacks, so there are some things I have extra copies of because I found the trade edition and just had to have it! I also have quite a few that physically on my shelves and also on my nook, so I can have lots of variety when I travel.

All the books in my catalog are on my shelves right now - I'm not one to give many away. I will be honest and admit I have not read everything in my library, but I have read quite a few of them! My TBR pile keeps getting bigger, but I will get to all of them eventually. I'm starting a "Read but Unowned" section, but that will definitely take a while. There are plenty of books that were sold back to the bookstores during my undergrad years, and plenty more than went to new homes through paperbackswap. That section is coming around as I browse and see things I've read but ended up giving away.

My rating scale:
1 - horrible, I may or may not have gotten all the way through (I'm pretty lenient in my ratings so there won't be too many this low - I also usually will not finish a book if it's this bad)
2 - mostly disliked, but there may be some good parts, I probably liked the writing style rather than the subject or vice versa
3 - ambivalent, good but doesn't necessarily mean I'll read it again, nor will I give it away
4 - very good, recommend to others
5 - LOVE IT, definitely one to read again and again

I do my best to never give away spoilers in my reviews, and I also try to avoid plot summary - that's what Amazon is for. My ratings are also very subjective - not all books are on the same level according to style or genre, but they may get similar ratings according to how I felt that day.
About Me
BA and MA in English Literature, and now I am a Composition teacher. My favorites areas of study are world mythologies, Medieval European literature, and especially the European Renaissance. My thesis was a textual study of the figure of Orpheus from ancient times to the Renaissance and ending with John Milton. My plan is to keep going with Orphic themes through the present day and make a book of it. One of the reasons I always loved Orpheus is because he shows up everywhere.

I have 2 dogs, Samson and Dalila (John Milton's spelling :), both of which are completely rotten.

Southern girl born and bred - born and raised in Georgia, but I think I'm ready for a new place.

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It's true...everything would be better if people in this world read more. I tell my students this all the time. It boggles their minds that I read more than 100 books per year. I tell them, "you want to be smarter and write better? Read more books."
Statesboro, Georgia
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