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Paul Signorelli
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It was free but now the USPS postal rates have increased over 35% in the past 7 years. Now we are requiring all users to pay $5.00 for the any book(s) that are up to 3 pounds.

There are other rules to keep everything moving.

This is a no smoking library.

Only 2 books maybe checked out at a time.
Return books after 1 month. You pay postage both ways.

i can only ship to USA addresses.
i don't need to know when you received the book or when you sent it off.
Request Lending Library authorization by sending your name and address to

Procedure: You send me $5 for postage, then I send the book(s) to you, You return the book(s) to me
Send your $5 postal fee to:


or direct to:
Paul Signorelli w0rw
905 Zodiac Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905.

Sobre mi
Paul Signorelli W0RW
Books donated by:
Michael Tyler WA8YWO,
Dave Wilcox K8WPE,
Ralph Simpson,
John Brewer K5MO,
Roy Crosier AC9DN,
Rich Arland K7SZ.
Ed Breneiser WA3WSJ, He also has free down load books at:
Return Books to : 905 Zodiac Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80905