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Quant a miLifelong devoted reader who owns WAY more books than he could ever read in two lifetimes...grew up in VA with NC & SC parents so very much a southerner. Discovered about 15 yrs ago that my great grandfather (Claude Kitchin - US Congress - NC2 from 1900-1923)was a leader of the Democratic Party's late 1890s white supremacy campaign and he replaced the only Black serving in Congress at the time, George Henry White. As a result I have connected with White's descendants and working with them to raise the profile of GHW - an honorable man who deserved much better than he got. It took 29 years before another Black was elected to Congress and 90 years before another Black represented NC in Washington. Don't tell ME there is no such thing as systemic racism!

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My 400+ book library is devoted primarily to several topics:

1.) Race - from slavery and Reconstruction to the Jim Crow Era to the 1960s Civil Rights movement to Contemporary racism. Read 30-80 year old NC History textbooks and then you will have to admit that history was 'whitewashed.'

2.) Religion - almost exclusively secular books because I cannot believe there is (or ever was) a loving all-powerful entity given the horrors of the world - thousands die every day from starvation, the oppression of women and minorities, natural disasters, etc. In my mind, religion was a construct by our ancestors to explain what we now can analyze rationally. I stopped believing in Santa Claus as a child but it took longer to fully cast off the notion of a deity even though those doctrines never did (literally or figuratively) resonate with me. Not to mention the multitude of religions in the world - all of which cannot be right but all of which can be wrong. So let's quit hoping

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