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Jul 11, 2006
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Arianne Scarlett Solo
About My Library
I've added most of the books my partner and I currently own to my LT catalog. The ones that I've actually read are rated, reviewed, and dated. The others are left blank.

I've ordered the books (in the comment section) that I've read since April 2006. I realised I had hundreds of books but hadn't actually read even a fraction. I decided to undertake a systematic reading of all the books I own. I'm working through them by the order that they appear on my shelves at home.

For the books that appear to have been bought, started, and finished on the same day I put them in under the first day of the month I bought, started, or finished them in because I didn't remember or write down the exact date.

In the comments section I put the order in which I have read the books.
I will add books as I buy them and as I read them but I will only change the comments, reviews, etc. to indicate reading order, etc. after the book has been read or if the book is already uploaded and I know it's "next".

I read the books in the order that they are placed on my shelf at home.

My current user photo is Virginia Woolf.
My previous photo was of Ani DiFranco but I have decided to stick with authors from now on.
About Me
I'm 23, female, and I live in North London.
Reading is my favourite thing to do with my spare time.

I am currently reading "Lorna Doone" by RD Blackmore.

Recommend a book to me!
London, UK
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("Wanderlust Lost"), ("WanderlustLost"), ("darklighter_solo"), ICQ, LiveJournal, MySpace, Xanga
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