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Mar 22, 2020
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My library used to shared with my dad since we were big time reading buddies. He passed a few years ago and it’s been hard to have the same excitement. I enjoy anything that holds my attention really, but historical fiction and novels are at the top of my list. Though I’ve read some fantasy, YA, non-fiction, etc.
About Me
Retiree from the USN after 23 years of service in FA-18 maintenance in Central California. Recently moved to Eastern Oklahoma to enjoy a quieter life. I also got a part time job at the local library. I am still over the moon excited about this and would love advice and thoughts from veteran librarians on how to make the most of the job. I have 2 children in middle school. A husband that travels on and off. 3 dogs and a cat. Besides reading I love to crochet, run, and cook.
Sallisaw, OK
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Llibreries: Bookish, Books-A-Million #390, Chapters on Main, Snooper's Barn Used Book Store

Biblioteques: Arkoma Public Library, Boreham Library, University of Arkansas -- Fort Smith, Crawford County Library System - Cedarville Public Library, Fort Smith Public Library, Miller Branch (Fort Smith Public Library), Muldrow Public Library, Spiro Public Library, Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library, Stigler Public Library, Stilwell Public Library, Warner Public Library, Windsor Drive Branch (Fort Smith Public Library)