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SFX (473), CFQ (210), Cinefex (172), spin-off & tie-in novel (125), Star Wars (124), fantasy (86), film & TV (75), art of (53), shorts (48), SF (48), ancient (38), Comic Heroes (32), special (29), BD (28), making of (22), LOTR (19), mystery & thrillers (19), spin-off & tie-in comic (17), DK (14), cartoon (14), DC (13), horror (12), classic (11), plays (10), reference (9), graphic novel (8), children (7), history (7), modern (6), AvP (6), literature (5), animation (5), music (4), bio (3), science & technology (3), games (3), food & drink (2), prop (2), fauna & flora (2), transport (2), art (1), Disney (1), Marvel (1)
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Jan 12, 2014
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About My Library
All books in my LibraryThing catalogue are books I physically own, consisting mostly of movie-related non-fiction, as well as classic works, SF & fantasy books, and coffee table books about all kinds of subjects.

I've organised my library in 4 main categories, represented by the 4 collections in my LibraryThing catalogue, each divided in several subcategories marked by tags:

- FICTION: novels, short stories, poetry, mythology, plays, ...
... 'ancient': Ancient literature, beginning from the dawn of civilization, through the Greek and Roman period, and up to the Middle Ages (15th century)
... 'classic': Classic literature, from the beginning of the Renaissance (15th century) up to the end of World War II (1945)
... 'modern': Modern literature, from the end of World War II (1945) until now
... 'children': children's literature
... 'mystery & thrillers': from detective stories and murder mysteries to suspense and adventure novels
... 'SF': original science fiction literature
... 'horror': original horror literature
... 'fantasy': original fantasy literature
... 'spin-off & tie-in novel': adaptations of and novels based on pre-existing media franchises, like movies, TV-shows, video games, board games, comics, other novels...
... 'audiobook': audio dramas on CD

- COMICS: comic books, graphic novels and cartoons
... 'cartoon': the "funnies", humoristic drawings
... 'manga': Asian comics
... 'DC': publications by DC Comics
... 'Marvel': publications by Marvel Comics
... 'BD': the "bandes dessinées", or Franco-Belgian comics
... 'spin-off & tie-in comic': adaptations of and comics based on pre-existing media franchises, like movies, TV-shows, video games, board games, novels, other comics...
... 'graphic novel': other comic books than those mentioned above

- NON-FICTION: all kinds of reference material
... 'reference': diverse subjects
... 'food & drink': culinary arts & beverages
... 'art': books about the visual arts (drawing, painting and sculpture), architecture and photography
... 'transport': on land, air or water
... 'science & technology': the study of natural, social and formal sciences, as well as the tools and techniques to accomplish them
... 'history': everything about our past, from ancient civilizations to the modern age
... 'fauna & flora': books about animals and plantlife
... 'music': from musical instruments to specific artists and bands
... 'literature': books about books, authors,...
... 'comics': books about graphic novels, cartoons,...
... 'games': from board games to video games
... 'film & TV': everything about movies & TV shows, and the people and studios involved in making them
... 'animation': from traditional hand-drawn 2D animation to 3D CGI-animation

... 'CFQ': my complete collection of Cinefantastique magazines, and it's spin-off magazines Imagi-Movies and Animefantastique
... 'Cinefex': my complete collection of Cinefex magazines
... 'SFX': special editions of SFX magazine, and its sister magazines Total Film and Comic Heroes
... 'special': special editions of different magazines, including Edge, Empire, ImagineFX and Retro Gamer

Aside from the tags above, I also use the ones below for particular types of books:
... 'art of': books with concept art for films, TV series and games
... 'AvP': everything related to the Alien and Predator franchises
... 'bio': (auto)biographies, memoirs and letters
... 'Disney': everything Disney related
... 'DK': all my books from Dorling Kindersley (just love their lavishly illustrated reference works!)
... 'LOTR': everything Middle-Earth related
... 'making of': books about the production process of films, TV series and games (see also CFQ and Cinefex for 'making of' material in magazine form)
... 'plays': tragic and comic plays
... 'prop': replicas of books that appear in movies (I don't keep these in my library, but in my movie memorabilia collection)
... 'shorts': short story collections and anthologies
... 'Star Wars': everything Star Wars related
About Me
Self-diagnosed book fanatic since childhood. As a kid I read almost exclusively non-fiction, in particular a lot of nature books as I wanted to be a zoologist when I grew up. The discovery of the original Star Wars trilogy at age 11 was the beginning of my big passion, which gradually broadened my interest to other SF & fantasy films, then films in general, and finally to stories in all their forms and media including movies, TV-shows, mythology, novels, comic books and video games.
Ypres, Belgium
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