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Aug 13, 2011
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Women's Sequential Art Library
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Welcome to the first stage of the Women's Sequential Art Library!

Our goal is to curate the most complete collection of women's comics anthologies and histories, creator biographies, memoirs, and art books ever! Though the name might suggest otherwise, we collect more than just works by or about women comics creators--we have expanded our focus to works relating to culturally significant female comics characters, female comics readership and fandom, and comics-related works by or about people of color, LGBTQ people, and other minorities.

For now, the collection is technically a private one, and largely theoretical, but our goal is to one day have premises with all the books, comics, and zines available for perusal and check-out.

LibraryThing is home to our collection and wishlist of books; check out ComicBookDB for our collection and wishlist of comic issues and magazines. And check out the Women in Comics Wiki for more info on individual creators, organizations, publications, and history!

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