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Dec 21, 2006
About My Library
Our library consists of most of Allison's books. (Those tagged 'ally' or not tagged at all.) Anything tagged JRW is Justin's. Right now I (Allison) have internet so we're adding Justin's books by phone. Hehehe. And I get to play around with these text feilds! Yo! Faux Shizzle! And I can't spell!

Right now you can kind of tell our tastes are out there. Just wait until I get all the books in my library (I mean, the actual room. All the books that are /just/ mine are already up. The actual library is about 1/3 of the way done) and see how weird it looks then. And then when Justin gets his logged? Well, I've already learned a ton I didn't know! And he's only done a shelf! (20 bibles, books about the bible, scientology books, the satanic verses... *blinks* What??) We're also finding that we have a lot of the same books. But we had our books before we knew each other, so no surprises there. Plus I collect different versions of the same book, so there's that to consider as well.

We've been adding in spurts. Justin has two more bookshelves to go (I think. His books he has left are really on one book shelf and in piles around that and on his dresser about four feet high. So it's really, really hard to tell) And I have done a good chunk of children's books. I still have a few more children's books, medical school books, romance, humor, and random books to go. It would help if we'd stop buying about 100 books a month. XD Books over Food!
About Me
Hello. We are Justin and Allison. Two people who are in love with reading. We haven't even scratched the surface of our combined library. We live in North Louisiana and are considered a bit of an oddity. The one good thing about living here is the cheap books! We can spend forty dollars and end up with two huge boxes packed with great stuff.

I am Allison, I have finally graduated and might have an internet connection soon. I've been reading since before I can remember and I love collecting books. I have read most of the books I own, and they've finally been moved out of the kitchen cabinets and into the library!

I am Justin. Writer, English Major, and currently an MIA Grad Student. I also own more books than is necessary.
North Louisiana
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