About My Library

I hope my bookshelf accurately represents who I am, my values, my interests, my desire to learn. It's a place where I am proud to show off my accomplishments as well as my goals, where I can display the intellectual feats of devouring classics right alongside the smallest, smuttiest filth.

I was raised to be a reader and from a young age, the love of literature was planted. It's a place for me to learn and to expand my horizons.

These days I seek stories where I am not represented, or seen. And while I'll always lurk within the realm of fantasy and horror, I'll occasionally delve into other areas in order to not get a book hangover.

About Me

I'm Abby. A thirty-something transplant in Texas with a Master's in Library Science and a deep-seated love of libraries.

fun fact: I have never cried while reading a book and I'm wondering when it'll finally happen.

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