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Angie Stahl
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It's like what Baskin Robbins USED to be - 32 flavors sampling a little bit of everything.

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I love to read way more than I have time to read. There are certain genres and subgenres that I tend to gravitate to: horror/suspense (especially of the psychological sort), YA, some fantasy, "lit fic," but I really will read anything that captures my interest and I'm starting to get into graphic novels thanks to my boys, who remind me of the joy of comics. I'm curious and love a good story or an average story creatively told. IRL, I'm like an exuberant puppy. I'm just happy to be here and lap everything up. Plus, I go crazy for color in general and obsess over coloring books, scented markers, indie scents, great notebooks/pens/pencils and mismatched prints worn proudly.

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