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Jun 27, 2007
Real Name
A. Allen
About My Library
Eclectic. I like to have and read a little of almost everything. I am willing to read pretty much anything (especially if it comes recommended highly enough) *except* for porn, mindless romance, and rape-fantasies or anything nearing there. In perusing my library, you will find mostly fiction with a strong influence of sci-fi, fantasy, and magical realism. You will also find "drama" (real-life type novels), mystery (both literary and cozy), thrillers, historical fiction, young adult, children's, cookbooks, memoirs, history, law, latin american literature, russian literature, other-country-literature, etc.
About Me
Day-to-Day: I am a lawyer, working for the courts. My job involves a lot of reading, researching, writing, reviewing, and of course analyzing law.

Interests: Aside from reading, I have a plethora of interests ranging from socializing to coffee drinking to hiking to singing (especially harmonizing) to cultural activities of all kinds to shopping to snow-boarding (just learning) to sporting events to ... Yes, I have a broad range of interests. I also greatly enjoy just sitting in front of the fireplace reading a book, lying in a hammock in the backyard reading a book, sitting in a hottub reading a book, going to coffee shops to read books, shopping for books, discussing books, reading about books, and thinking about books. I like books a lot. ;)

Specifically about books: I love books that are unique and inspired. I can forgive almost any writing style if the story is good enough. And I find that even the most beautiful writing cannot make up for a flat tale. I am open to suggestions and only wish I could find enough time to follow through on all of them. I have a tendency to choose speculative fiction and sci-fi when left completely to my own devices, but I am generally open to almost anything (see exceptions in "About my library," below).

Also, I really enjoy traveling and hope to someday see all of our states!

visited 40 states (80%)
Create your own visited map of The United States
These are the 10 I haven't yet been to/through: Vermont, Oregon, N. Dakota, N. Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine, Idaho, Arkansas, Alaska, and Alabama

I have a problem w finishing books -- as in, I have to, even if I'm not enjoying the book. My husband recently advised, if I'm not loving it, even if I "want to know what happened," move on anyway: "there're billions of books out there. Many of them are amazing." Touché. As it is, I cannot read all the books I want to - why am I wasting my time?
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