About My Library
My Library is heavy in the Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Manga departments as they are still my main form of leisure reading. In recent years I have started to add more History (mainly books from my classes), Classics, and Historical Fiction to try and round out my library. It also has a number of Art Books that I have collected over the years and how to draw books from when I still had time to try and learn/improve my drawing skills. In addition, my Manga selection contains a decent amount of original Japanese editions as I collected these before English translations were readily available. All of the books with a rating are ones I have finished reading with the rest in my TBR stack.
About Me
Graduated from San Jose State with a BA in History and a Masters in Modern European History. My major areas of interest are Ancient Rome, The American Revolution, and Victorian era up through both World Wars. I am also interested in ancient trade history and like learning about how items reach trade markets. Outside of school, my hobbies are collecting books, Anime and anything else that catches my eye, armorsmithing, although I hive less time than I would like for it and playing video games. I play the odd hand of Magic and Axis&Allies miniatures. My reading tends to be mainly fantasy and sci-fi although I enjoy horror, history, manga, and mystery as well.
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