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Quant a miI'm a Bostonian with far too many books.

In the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), I'm Mistress Lakshmi Amman, who specializes in all things Indian, particularly 16th South India. I especially love textiles, clothes, and dance/music/theater.

I also do Middle Eastern Dance, far too many craft projects, and love Sci Fi/Fantasy.

And I'm a computer enginner by day with a Master's in Computer Science.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
Heavily Indian focused - I will buy all sorts of Indian books, as I try to make a "persona" which is an interesting, well-rounded, fairly aware of her homeland and based in the 16th century. My books follow suit. Not every book I own is perfect for SCA research. I've made a lot of mistakes over time, and I try to note those in the review section.

I used a few tags to help me out when I get asked for recommendations (which happens pretty often):
- heavy - a really, really geeky book. Plan to caffinate before reading. It probably lays out all the technical stuff you ever wanted to know, but chances are, I didn't have the concentration/time to read all the way through.
- medium - that lovely balance between really solid information and a good read.
- light - pretty, fluffy, a good overview, probably not enough for writing a decent paper, but great for a "I don't want to think hard" day.
- cheap - under $15 online (probably incl. shipping)
- deep - really delves into the topic opening new ideas
- pictures - lots of good, pretty pictures, may or may not be annotated by time.
- thin - an introduction to the topic that brushes the surface but doesn't go nearly as deep as it could go.

My other reading adventures may not be so well defined. I love Sci Fi, Fantasy, and cultural fiction. I have this secret love of Giesha culture books.

I also have a decent geek-library - books on math, computer science, and current technologies. It falls out of date fast, though.

And a few choice books about how to make stuff. I'm picky, cause I know how to make a lot of stuff already.

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