friends (1), Short stories revolving around robots and the three laws. (1), Ghost story with tinge of insane hypnotist. Why was the hyno so intensely pursuing main char when he's the one who killed the girl. Erasing sins of himself (1), Two-dimensional look at goomba's and ghosts. What was the point. (1), Savannah good and evil as known by author. Gift of love (1), Oddy is on the scene again. Defeats with his psychic magnatism. Well read by Mr. Baker. (1), Dance marathon of the 1930's. Gritty (1), Hostess with the mostess sense of humor (1), Nigeria before and during Biafra War. (1), Orphans in Venice. Mysterious carosel that ages or makes the yers erased. All's well that ends well (1), Paris Minton and Fearless Jones. (1), For the most part very good selection and spectrum of past and present authors. Favorites were Hughes (1), Possession of living man with a murderer from 100 years before. Temporal confusion. (1), harry leaves and Dumbledore dies. (1), Effects of the Bomb and atrocities against Allied POW (1), Short stories with a twist usually Most suceeded wonderfully (1), TISTS AND TURNS BETTER EDITING WOULD HAVE MADE THIS A 5 STAR (1), Comic strip comes alive after one of the spirts of the desert escapes through a door. Anticlimatic ending but still good deal of humor (1), Very funny poke at vampire lore and characters from Blood Thirsty Fiends. Emperor and Animals (1), White whale pursued by Captain Ahab and crew. Movie version much better!!! (1), Bristish genetic search. Interesting follow up to Eve's Daughters. (1), Ancient Roman town buried by eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Novelization. So- So. (1), Concise non-fiction of Paris Peace Treaty and how it affected world nations and the effects felt even today. (1), heart breaking Stone Gap novels. Not as good as previous stories (1), need better editing. Enjoyable for MV locale. (1), Disturbing story of children stolen by goblins. Lives stolen and can never be regained. (1), Angels and demons. Which is which. Death eaters and a whole religion based on falsity. (1), Child mastermind with electronic gadgets . Supernormal life forms...gnomes (1), Unfinished. Artificial Intelligence and Lunnies plot to overthrow Authority. Audio book. Reader spoke in fairly ugly Russian accent. Ruined it for me. At least got half way through the discs. (1), Repairman Jack novel....of course. Ally (1), Otherness. whose to be trusted. No one it seems. (1), Tricksters Odin and Loki make hell for all the gods. Thoughts that America is not the place for gods whether home- grown or imported. Shadow is savior of the world by hanging from a tree and being pierced by a sharp object. (1), Tom Ward and The Spook go up against an evil creature who literally sucks the life out and increase its energy. Continuation of Revenge of the Witch. (1), Vampires on the Mississippi River using steam powered boat for home base. (1), Thought provoking story about memory (1), the deceased and how tenable our grasp with the dead and the living can be. Concept of The City and the Evacuated. Where do they go?? (1), my favorite robot . Elijah Baley as detective on the planet Solaria solving a murder with Galaxy consequences. (1), Possessive spirit or mentally disturbed woman who wants to be wanted so badly that she succumbs to the "charms" of the House (1), Detective Banks mystery British locale (1), Dick stories. Sound quality was poor thought and spoiled the presentation (1), Ghosts from the past haunt the land to safeguard it from evil that men do. Memorable char. first book read of Dave. (1), Likeable woman who speaks about her life in definite terms re: mental health issues and a thunk on the head for women in unhealthy relationships (1), but fun regardless of the young audience. Would have read this in middle school. (1), Long but enjoyable account of a world where magic is almost common place. The return of English magic. Well done. (1), SURFACE TREATMENT OF TOO MANY THINGS. NEEDS MORE FOCUS (1), Peeper Society in future Psycho drama with murder not been committed in over seventy years. (1), DUMB Listened to whole 5 disks and just gaped in horror. (1), Oz setting with misinterpretation as the basis of the Wicked Witch of the West. (1), madmen out for revenge by killing cop's families. (1), LUCAS DAVENPORT BETTER THAN OTHERS (1), boring book. Too many other books to waste time on this one (1), OUIJA BOARD SUPERNATURAL DOINGS (1), Short stories and some poems (1), Canadian Quebec (1), YUK (1), Fairy happenings with evil and good creatures featured. The Star is sought by many and various but onlly one wins her heart (1), with their own peccadillos.. eating each other (1), Les francaises in a nutshell. For the most part superb . Occupied France during WWII. (1), Not much new here. Brian Epstein would make a better subject (1), LUCAS DAVENPORT NOVEL. ANTIQUES (1), Lucas Davenport. Long drawn telling with corrupt cop (1), THIRTY YEAR OLD MYSTERY IN SMALL TOWN CAL. (1), J.W. and family. Arsonist. Fire kills blues singer (1), A Jewish woman from Russia whose life is torn and left void. She has feelings but can't show them. Fear is all. Adventureous (1), Smiling talk. and some laugh out loud moments. (1), Seasonal stories by several sci-fi (1), Agency that uses adoption of multiple birth children to make psych experiments. Twins reunited after 3 decades apart. (1), Telepath Sookie Stackhouse at vamp convention with kings/queens to judge cases and rectify wrongs (1), Survival of family when effects of moon knocked out of orbit changes life on Earth (1), extraneous subject matter(rambling beetles).Warsaw during WWII and Jewish hiding (1), Undulating tale of sexual abuse (1), psychotic memories told through the reading of lace for past (1), Duplicitious father with every member its own island. Chilling scene on reaction of father's death. also roots of her own lesbian nature (1), Danes duke it out.Stirring battle scenes and plot development. Based on historical events. (1), Time travel with loops. Immortality of a kind. Strange (1), emotional search for self through food (1), goody-goody story of group of women who meet during a knitting class. Their trials and heartaches waved away by a fairy godfather. Easy listening (1), religion (1), fairly amusing look at nerds (1), present and future (1), enjoyable (1), Anglo-Saxon (1), unfinished (1), Piggies (1), Theorem of relationships (1), no compromising . Very good (1), Redundant (1), Ghost medium. (1), PSYCHO COUPLE (1), SNAPPY DIALOG. (1), Atmospheric (1), Snape is half-blood prince (1), DESCENDENTS OF OLD EMPIRE (1), QUEEN AND CLONE (1), boolya moon (1), page turner. (1), SAME BLUGEONING (1), meditation and finding love (1), romance (1), flying (1), faries (1), Kingsolver (1), trolls. Intro to LEP. (1), disfunctional families (1), Inner (1), outer (1), Bit Preachy sequel to amusing (1), Disturbed main character (1), Tommy (1), Jody and Abby Normal. (1), Welty (1), Sympathetic (1), imported prostitute trade (1), death of brother Roy. (1), SIBYL (1), ABRIDGED EDITION. LEDDY (1), Death takes a walk through Nazi Germany and meets Lisle...a most sympathetic book thief (1), typical Chuck (1), DEATH EATERS (1), VOLDEMORT (1), forever. Point of view of teen (1), in diary form. (1), Disjointed time frames (1), The Bud-eye (1), Dragons behaving humanish (1), Santa Diaries (1), Suspense short stories (1), some very well done (1), others so-so. (1), Sicilian murder mystery. (1), Magic imbued through story (1), martial society (1), denizens (1), others with tongue in cheek. (1), Daneel Olivaw (1), SHOOTING. (1), Easy reading (1), Fiction (1), Poetry (1), Sci-fi (1), Vampires (1), Juvenile Fiction (1), Translation (1), Fairy tales (1), Passing (1), DARK (1), Lycanthropes (1), friend of family. (1), fantasy writers. (1), Boring women (1), STARBUCK (1), TIAMAT (1), MERS (1), serial killer who goes after the (1)
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Love to read, always. In grade 5 started to read Last of the Mohicans by James Fennimore Cooper. I wanted to challenge myself. I must have underlined every fifth word to look up in a dictionary. I still have the original book and look back at the vocabulary that stumped me when I was 11 yrs old. Marvelous how the mind can expand and collect.
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