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Jan 28, 2013
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Brian S.
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Studying the classics is key. From Gilgamesh and the ancient Greeks to Dante and Shakespeare, from the Romantics (I adore Byron and Shelley!) through the Decadents, from Lovecraft to Ligotti (lovin’ them as well!), from Joyce to Pynchon, I continue to chip away at reads and re-reads which I’d like to crank out before I croak.

My newest thing is getting my hands on as many copies of weird and other horror books as I’m able to. Books. You know, physical objects which you can actually turn the pages of. Remember those? (I refuse to deal with handheld gadgets because I will not be part of the cyborgization of mankind; but that, as Kipling used to say, is another story.) Updated May 27, 2022.

About Me

It didn’t take an evil-empire-engineered plague for me to be able to see that the world has gone nuts. I’ve been awake to it for decades (I’m pushing sixty nowadays), and have been sitting out the slavery of “employment” and other insanity for years. Having taken my own time back, I keep on doing my Spiritual Journey—which, in my world, has the Philosophical and Intellectual Journeys as its foundation—as much as I’m able to. (Quit the rat-race and you’re still hyper busy! What’s that about?)

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