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Alexandra Munier
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I have pretty varied taste when it comes to reading material, although at the heart of it, I'm a classics buff with a secret lust for mid 20th century juvenile fiction (I have a diet blog dedicated to Nancy Drew's favorite fat friend Bess Marvin). I rarely start a book that I don't finish, but I wanted to give Wally Lamb a good smack in the mouth for forcing me to read all of "She's Come Undone", which is hands down my least favorite book ever.
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I live my life in hyperdrive, and hate sleeping because it robs me of time- which I consider to be the only really useful commodity (money occasionally excepted). By day I manage a commercial real estate office, and by night I'm a blogger, burlesque dancer, and costume designer. I'm currently obsessed with Twitter, my Shiba Inu, and anything that tastes or smells like grapefruits.
Portland, ME
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