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Feb 4, 2009
Real Name
Callie S Swartz
About My Library
My library consists of many sets and sagas, as I love continuing with beloved characters, stories, themes. I have a lot of "great literature" and a lot of just plain fun reading, as well as serious thought provoking. I love mysteries, especially medical and historical. I enjoy children's books also, and have a lot in my library that I hope to share with my grandchildren when they begin to discover books.
About Me
I love books, the physical kind you can hold, smell, open and enjoy I love their color, sizes, feel in my hand, the mysteries they hold, the joys they bring, the laughter they provide, the thoughts they provoke. I don't even think about their authors until they (the authors)speak to me through their books.
107 Moonlight Ct. Jackson, Georgia, USA 30233
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