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Jun 1, 2009
Sobre la meva biblioteca
Most activity in my library at the moment is because where possible I am re-entering every book that I originally entered using Amazon as a source. For months I had just been changing covers when I felt like it (I discovered that Amazon provided covers are subject to change), this has been a waste of time as I have now discovered (even though I mainly added books using ISBN) that there are books in my library with no ISBN's and wrong publisher information.

Hopefully one day any book in my library (that is not on my wishlist or RBU) will be accurately catalogued. I still do not have a scanner therefore there is a collection labelled only ASC - this stands for Amazon sourced covers; where possible I am using member uploaded covers.

This is going to take a long time as every work page has to be checked for accuracy. Also much as I want accurate data sometimes I would prefer to read a book:) (this info posted 28 Oct)

The information in this section is getting a bit OT (I must remember to rewrite/edit it one day)

General information (subject to edits)
I have a suggested viewing style, it contains:- cover; title and author; tags; collections and ratings. If you read my description of what I mean by using certain tags, collections and ratings I hope that you get an idea of what I think of a book. This is a work in progress, not every book has been labelled and I am power editing tags and collection. So individual ratings are few and far between.
I am trying to move shelfing and certain other tags to comments, I don't think knowing where I keep a book adds to somebody's understanding of a book. I need to know!

I think I have an actual physical copy of every book in the Collection my library but that must not be taken as meaning that I actually would recommend it or that I have read it. I have not read everything, I don't know if I ever will. I am a completist when it comes to buying books by certain authors, or certain series by some authors. Also last year a friend died and I have inherited all their books. I have tried to separate these into a collection called *Inherited* but some have migrated to my library by choice. If I read it and decided to keep it the book might have lost any connection to *Inherited*; also in my library as I would like *to read* that- (tag tbr); others seem to have jumped there accidentally (to be cleaned up).

I am cleaning up the data after my first add to catalogue rush. I will not be offended if someone points out an error in my catalogue as long it is an actual fact not a *how I feel about this book* piece of information.

Well, I think most of the books in the house are in my catalogue now. I've even come across books I haven't read (or don't remember reading) which was a surprise to me as I thought I was pretty good about reading as I acquired.
I have been playing with collections so now I have an ever expanding wishlist and an investigate collection.
Some of Brian's books have migrated to my library, those I have no interest in are tagged weed. I still haven't finished sorting through them but am slowly getting there.
I am slowly tagging. Also reviewing some books as I read them.

I got rid of my investigate collection and moved those books to wishlist. With the potential of different coloured ticks for wishlist I want an easy way to identify the books I am looking to find for any reason. I am using tags to differentiate. See below for fuller explanations. I am trying to be logical.

Read but unowned is also coming into use. As books I've read or am interested in reading come up in recommendations or talk I put them into the appropriate collections.

I've decided that if a book I read has fewer than 5 reviews I will definitely try and review. It might not be a good review but at least some vague idea of genre and how I felt. i.e.A written expansion of my tags/labelling system, attached to the book not my collections. I'm a member of Reviews Reviewed just so I can get an idea of what people find most useful from a review. Hopefully as time goes on my reviews will become more useful.If it has more than 5 reviews I will only review something I feel strongly about (I'm practising!). Obviously that doesn't include any books I might be lucky enough to get through Early Reviewers/Member Giveaway.(I have to review them!)

Star ratings
My star ratings are based on how I feel about a book. In other words highly subjective and at least partly based on whether I would like to own a copy so that I can read it again sometime. Half stars are used for wriggle room.

unstarred= haven't read/got round to rating
Unstarred in read but unowned that are not marked in any way might just might be stinkers that haven't been assigned a rating.

* unfinished/hated it (none of those yet!)further explanation I have not got around to stinkers from the past even though I have been reminded of such books. They are just in Read but unowned without tags. See definition of unstarred. So many books so little time. This rating is most likely to be used for future reads.

** alright/acceptable read (I don't want to give it house room and probably will never read it again. Take it back to the Library - unless part of a series or one of my completist authors)

*** keep/I enjoyed reading this (if borrowed put on wishlist buy secondhand)

****really liked this book (If borrowed buy new paperback)

***** loved this book (if borrowed must have as soon as possible)

So 3 to 5 stars are keepers, books I want to be able to re-read without having to borrow them. That is in an ideal world with unlimited space and money. As it is I do not have either, so there will eventually be books in read but unowned with high numbers of stars.

New reads are likely to be borrowed. Most purchases are of used books. Thought is "limited funds for books but I want them", so I try to wait.

Collection and Tags

I'll define what I mean by putting books into certain LT collections. This is a work in progress not every book is in the right collection and I haven't entirely decided on a final set of collections. I will get around to defining my own collections sometime, though some are self explanatory.

My Library- Consists of books that I can put my hands on within a few minutes i.e. Books in the house
Not used for recommendations, just because I've got a copy doesn't mean I've read it or that I chose it.

Wishlist- has subsets 1) I've read the book but I don't have a copy and want to own a copy(tag-RBU)
2)I haven't read the book but I enjoy reading this author and want to be able to read everything they've written (tag-fav)
3) This is part of a series I'm reading (tag-series)
4) That sounds interesting,(tags-investigate, borrow)

Read But Unowned What it says but with subsets
1) I borrowed (or used to own) a copy and would like to read it again (Tag-wishlist)
2) I have read this and don't want to read it again (tag None or RBU)


definitions pending. I will get round to it but apart from genre tags I think I have covered the main ones I want to describe already.

* * * To Be Worked On * * *
New general thoughts and ideas

{22 August 2009} (copy and paste to be worked on)

Where I have a collection overlap - I am using the other collection names as tags! This bit of reasoning is about to go on my profile :-

Say I am in my to read collection and something is tagged borrowed I know to read it soon and in Read but Unowned the same tag means I better give it back. All I have to do is remember to change collections.

So a library book is always in Borrowed while in my possession (temporary collection to keep track of books to return) so tag borrowed

first collection overlap to read; then currently reading; then read but unowned + (maybe) reviewed and/or wishlist.

So I can just open the borrowed collection and see where I am. I might start using comments for date due back/renewal info. That info stays with the book details so I don't lose it

Overlap info! Love it!
~ ~ ~ ~
NEW THOUGHT (23 August) -on use of tags (not fully implemented yet)

I was trying to tag anything I am not sure about *weed*.

Potential new tag *compost*. A *weed* is any plant growing in the wrong place - I might decide it is in the right place or decide to *compost* it and keep it to feed new ideas or maybe let it go to feed someone else.

Therefore some weeds are already here!

oops- found a way to justify never letting a book go!
~ ~ ~ ~

September 17th
I just worked out a way to individually catalogue the books that I have in omnibus editions! I do not know why I did not think of this earlier - There is now a Part of Omnibus Collection!

Sobre mi
Most important info I can give as briefly as possible is calm is a bookaholic; technophobe

My Reading History

2017 -

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2015 -


I've decided to only do the 75 Book Challenge this year


75 Books Challenge for 2013

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2013 Category Challenge

I'll be sitting in the corner reading

75 Books Challenge for 2012
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Alphabet Challenges group (joined on 24 October) ~ COMPLETED

Threads completed in 2009

50 book challenge thread - this contains all books read after I started tracking reading dates (from 22 June - 31 December)

I ended up adding a 75 book challenge thread for 2009 after I reached target (just to ease myself into that most talkative of groups)

Potentially useful information about me

Please Read Carefully!! Do Not Be Fooled.

I love to learn.

I can be seen as blunt or rude to those who don't know me.

I love ideas and debate and have no time for those I consider time wasters. The more I talk about something the more important I consider the matter. Give me facts and I will think, and even change my mind (sometimes). I try to organise my life to be as convenient as possible for how I want to live it. Shortcuts and bodges I find delightful, anything to save time for reading.

Inaccurate data I find personally distasteful. If I get a fact wrong tell me. I hate being wrong!
Also something that makes it harder for me to understand a subject means I will try to find the shortest route possible.

So little time so many ideas to explore.

I do have a sense of humour (somewhere) and love playing games -words, numbers and logic.

I love my cats. (and cheese and nature and water and peace and...)

If you end up on my friends list it means that I like your attitude to life - the way you think on non-book subjects. shared books is a bonus! Please do not be offended if I have not noticed you. I might start watching!

Interesting libraries are for actual books and the way you describe your relationship to books. Reviews and or cataloguing techniques. Or just thread talk!

I might be watching! I like to be sure.

User name is at least partly for me- take a deep breath and don't hit submit!

You can stop reading now if you want!

I live in West Wales, about 10 miles from Aberystwyth. Apart from books I like my cats (Muzzy and Circe), puzzles and games, and cooking (mainly vegetarian). I am 45 and socially inept. I have been told that if on Mastermind my specialist subject would be "stating the obvious". I am not computer literate, this machine was a present earlier this year (March, 2009- to be accurate). I am still finding things out.

My profile picture is of Circe, staring into the webcam.

Thanks to a helpful thread ( on the Green Dragon's( homepage, and some hints and tips from friendly people, I have learnt to do some useful things like underline, bold and italics in my posts. (and some fun things too!)

Aberystwyth, Wales
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