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Membre: calum-iain

Col·leccions2000 AD Family (3,053), Comics: American (11,701), Comics: British (3,193), Comics: Picture Libraries (1,111), Digital Books (257), Digital Comics (324), Digital Magazines (228), Fanzine (276), Films (5,716), Magazines (10,564), Music (3,016), Television (436), La teva biblioteca (2,053), Totes les col·leccions (42,104)

Ressenyes624 ressenyes

EtiquetesDC Comics (5,240), American Film (3,792), Music Magazine (3,693), Judge Dredd (2,924), 2000 AD (2,231), Batman Family (2,150), John Wagner (2,145), Marvel Comics (2,140), Marvel UK (2,084), Annie Parkhouse (2,034) — mostra totes les etiquetes

SuportS'està carregant

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Quant a miDuring the day I'm a boring local government functionary, but when dusk falls my alter-ego as a consumer and collector of trash and underground culture in all its forms takes over.

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la meva biblioteca
My library breaks down into five main areas: books, magazines; comics; CDs and movies. These total somewhere in the region 35,000 items and are scattered through-out our house (thanks to the forbearance (and collusion) of my wife and three kids). I'm in the process of trying to upload and catalogue these various items.

Books mainly fall into horror, SF and trashy, sleazy, pulp shockers of all kind. There is also a fair degree of occult, eclectic and "pulp culture" reference work in there as well.

Magazines fall into the same general categories as above, but also cover movies, music and Americana pulp.

Comics: In the main horror comics of all kinds - from the '70s DC mystery line; the Marvel horror boom; Warren; Skywald; Eerie and the undergrounds. From a more mainstream perspective I've also got reasonably respectable runs of Batman, Detective, Thor, 2000AD and Judge Dredd the Megazine.

CDs: Heavy Metal - trad, doom, power, black, death, gothic, symphonic - the metal is here in all its glorious forms. Also a ton of covermounts from everything from Terrorizer through Mojo to Classic FM.

Movies: horror of all kinds: the Universal classics; the '50s monster flicks; the '70s classics; Eurosleaze; J-horror and the modern splatter classics. Everything from Coffin Joe to Lucio Fulci.

GrupsComics, The Hashish Club

MembresiaER. Crítics Matiners del LibraryThing/Donacions de membres

UbicacióNorth Tolsta, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Autors preferitsSense marcar

Tipus de comptepúblic

URL /profile/calum-iain (perfil)
/catalog/calum-iain (biblioteca)

Membre des deJan 12, 2011

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